Monday, October 11, 2010

Yup yup.....

SO the guy is grouting the bathroom as I type this. He put up the ceiling texture. I'll take a pic later. Tomorrow he should be painting and putting on the baseboards, (thats if he isn't going to school) I should say this is all going to be done Thursday or Friday....thats wishful thinking but, I'll just hope, all I know is it's going to look damn good with the vanity. Wish I could have found a mirror I really liked with a wrought iron frame. That wasn't going to happen though.

I found out they made another sequel to The Lost Boys. The first sequel The Tribe, sucked ass, and was just an embarrassment that they put on that name. This one called The Thirst, was a hell of a lot better then the Tribe, I am glad though that it was but straight to DVD. Really quick synopsis, The Frog brothers from the first movie are back fighting bloodsuckers. That's all you get from me. I did some research after I watched it and found out that Corey HAim was supposed to be in it too, but yea, his death sort of killed that off. (pun intended) I mean I could tell you what the story said about Haims character Sam, but you know you should really watch the craptacular movie that is the Tribe and you would know what happens.

One of these days though I am going to make me one of these.....just make a shadow box in the wall for it. It will be awesome. I know it's a bit old,(the pic) but I loved Shawn of the Dead.
Also I finally got my Health Potion to complete my set, not I have both the Mana and the Health.
And last but not least, Have another background. :P


  1. Oh dude I so need one of those Zombie Survival kits. I used to have 2 copies of the Survival guide just in case we needed 2, and have the playdeck of the same book in card form. I'm almost prepared, but that would finish the job!

  2. Yeah its pretty amazing that a product has been around for almost 200 years. The stuff is simply awesome. Even my friends that haven't switched over to a DE use it. They just lather it up like facesoap and smear it on.

  3. I want to see pictures of your bathroom project ;)

  4. Those vials on the last pic are sweet!

  5. sweet items, love the potions. are they actually consumable?

  6. Gotta buy a zombie survival kit..
    One can never know what could happen