Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome, welcome, welcome

I'll be updating this regularly....hopefully. Thoughts, what's going on. Old rambling and writings....enjoy and follow, but for now, an old writing.

It's cold outside. A figure rests high above the sky, and carries a frown on its face. The sky is pink with a creamy white tint that to the eyes forms the line of a horizon. The clouds are purple, bearing a black center within what looks to be the bottom of the pillowy substance. Maybe a storm will happen, who knows; certainly not the figure skyward.

It appears to be a man, albeit bearing more traits than anyone can see. His height, to be factual, doesn't seem to bother him at all. All he can do is look down and frown at what is below.
People, sitting within a tight-knit circle are holding hands; a fire roars in the middle in another circle of stone. The rocks are soot covered, as though time has etched the facets of their existence only to give a former shade of what it was.

Most in the circle are of different heights, each giving an aura as the image of the fire shines on their bones. It gives a deep comparison compared to that of the lowly figure upon them. Flames, dancing like nymphs, naked, spawning memories that all of them had once but can not remember now.

They are all decayed figures. Small amounts of skin, muscle, and even any sense of humanity apart from the physical sense remained. I wonder what this group could want on this day...heh heh?

And one male stood up! What was probably skin on his face was nothing but dirt on his pale skull. A yellow eye rested in its socket, giving a more human visage to its cranium. The other eye, rotten completely, falls to the ground making a slush like noise as it makes its final resting place. A worm inches out of it onto the grass that is lying next to it. Its home is gone, completely! The male just looks at the others in the circle and then speaks:

"Well, it's time! You know that the reason of which all of you know is well at hand. All of us have spent the same amount of time here. We are more than all of us know, we share one common interest that none of us can change. It is this turning back that shall give us the next step.This step shall free us! At last, our years of turning back the clock is over; our imprisonment is over!"

The circle just nods and a row of applause is heard. Small conversations form around other people as most shake hands across themselves. The speaker again boomed over the conversation saying, "It's time, let us begin!"

They all stood up. Creaking and crackling bones could be heard
throughout the circle. A cool but stiff wind blew towards and through them, but it didn't phase any of them all; not one bit. The time had come, all physical sensations had to end here, and now. Not even the fire moved! It was as if the flames were held by a sense of will power or communion by the circle itself.

The figure felt the wind high above and shivered a little. His robes flowed around his body, giving an ominous tone and feeling to it. Eyes, like jewels of doom glowed green like an emerald lollipop to a child's tongue. It was too late to do anything, the circle below had already started.

The group started swaying, jerkily at first, but breaking into an oscillating motion. At first it started very slowly, watching them move in an almost impossible form of acceleration. One could even look at, if not identify, each individual skeleton as they moved.

High above the figure was starting to look angry, if not evenly annoyed. His frown showed off his teeth which hung from his jaws like fangs from a wolf that was waiting to pounce on its prey. From its left hand a scythe appeared, bequeathing a twinkle of light from the curved blade that rested gently on its housing. A bag was hanging on a belt that resembled more of a tapestry than an article of clothing, or even an
accessory for that matter. The sun which had bore the color of burgundy now had turned ebony blackening the sky to the ground. All light except for the circle, the fire, and the dead lights on the figure were visible. It was as if a virtual apocalypse or maybe even a new beginning was about to occur.

The circle started rising, gaining if not doubling its speed. All that could be seen of the individuals was now a multicolored barrage on a visual spectrum. Unfortunately though it could be seen that the colors were fading. They are now turning to orange. The fire too is being diminished, almost as if by itself. The communion is dying; and with it
seems the warmth of what they had as well. The figure could see a white glow come from the circle as they all yelled out, "Okay, let go!"

Suddenly out of nowhere the circle was gone. All that was heard left was the words, "Happy Birthday!" The figures just disintegrated, all of them, at the same time. The ashes, changing from white to red then to black, just spread themselves everywhere over three ground; the wind has
just stopped. Even the circle of rock which housed the dancing flame was extinguished too. All that remained was some rocks and a wooden sign that had appeared out of nowhere in the middle.

The figure above stopped staring down and looked straight. Whiffs of smoke filtered into his nose and exited through the ears. A smile crept upon his face and his eyes went back to normal. In fact the whole landscape reverted to what it was before the ceremony. The sky was pink again, the horizon had shone it milkiest hue to all. The sun fell back to the burgundy color that it once was and the clouds reverted to its
purple state of beauty. In his right hand a gesture in a form of a salute was made. This was not done out of anger but out of respect for what had happened today. Their will be others that will fill this land and serve their time, but at this hour the circle had gotten what they wanted. It was a good birthday party after all. It was a party that gave them life, and was the same event that in death propelled them to the next level. He then looked down at the sign that was in the middle of the circle of stones. A chuckle reverberated from his mouth as he started to fade away. It was time to go to work; time to end the lives of others; time to send them
here. And from the sign below it seemed to have read:
Where you don't get out,
till your time is served,
and the event takes you away;
Happy Birthday to all... "
It was indeed time to go to work after all...??


  1. Interesting, i didn't read all of it, but i will be coming back later tonight and then i will. Did you write it?

  2. Yea, a long time ago, early 2000 actually.

  3. My birthday parties seem quite uneventful compared to this ;)