Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm alive......

Well sorta, I've been really busy this last week, making sure I have everything set at work, since I won't be there at all next week. So I set up remote assistance on each of the systems incase I need to work on something from home.

Anyways I'm here to let you know the winner of the contest got her gifts today! I just got the e-mail:

"Yay she got the gifts!! Thank you so much!! She loved them! She let me keep the ______ and the _____ because well she didn't have any idea what they were lol but! She loved the ______! She said it was "so pretty!" :) and the _____ was awesome! My mom isn't much of a drinker but she loves old looking decorations so I think she will display it proudly. I will try and get some pictures to send you, but just wanted to say, thank you so much and you really succeeded on spreading a little joy around :) "

Yes I left some of that blank so I can show you what was sent out :P

 I'm glad I was able to do something for someone.....even though the gifts in her eyes may have been a bit strange lol. You should see the smile on my face when I read the e-mail though. Happy Holidays to both you and your mom though!

And now for the pics......I'll put the original pic along with the unwrapped pic :P

So the first pic on down, a Arizona Shotglass, Pokemon limited edition Pikachu 24k gold plated card with Pokeball, Flask with funnel (new, never used :P ), Gaming dice, and a handmade Pedobear box art.

And thank you to everyone who sent in an e-mail do get in on this. I'll be posting most of them in the future and telling you which was about to win before I got this one!

Also just a heads up I may not write much or all until the holidays are over, but rest assured I am reading everyones posts, though I may not be commenting as much as I would like, I'll try to comment at least until I start writing more.

Monday, December 13, 2010

And we have a winner.....

Thanks to all those who participated....all 6 of you :) I was hoping to have more, but 6 is better then none. :P I pretty much had my winner chosen yesterday morning, until I received my final entrant.  Trust me when I say this though, picking a winner was no easy choice, and this e-mail if it's real or not really got to me. I'll be contacting you shortly to get shipping info. Just to let everyone know though, If I don't get a response by tomorrow night to my e-mail I will go with my runner up. For everyone else though here is the winning e-mail.

At the risk of sounding like a sob story I would like to tell you a little about me.  My family is HUGE.  My parents went through a nasty divorce and my mother ended up working two jobs.  Then she remarried a seemingly great guy, he was wealthy, took care of her and he seemed great.  Then things got weird, he pretty much went insane and ended up killing himself this past month.  My mother was left with a house and two cars that wernt payed off, and to top it off, he had alot of unpaid debt she didnt even know about.  Why am I telling you about all this you may wonder? I know whatever you send will not be a million dollars or anything.  And honestly I could never expect anything of value.  But If you did choose me, I would give you my mothers address,( I hope that's allowed) And I would love to see the look on her face as she receives a little special something in the mail, regardless of if its a card or..well..anything.  She would know that someone out there, knows her story and cares about her.  That she isn't alone.  I know all that sounds cheesy and lame but believe me, she is a very sentimental and caring person.  Anything helps :)  

Well Anon, I hope your mother likes the gifts. Though I doubt she'll have any use for any of them. I do hope they bring her a little bit of joy right now. I just hope she isn't freaked out about receiving a box of presents from someone she doesn't know :) lol

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry for lack of posts this weekend......

Got busy lol. Though I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the last night you can enter to win my secret Santa Box O' goodies!

Just send me an e-mail by following this link and reading the rules! Good luck all I'll be choosing a winner early tomorrow and letting everyone know what the winning e-mail was.

Friday, December 10, 2010

lol cute.......

I just got trolled. I checked my Secret Santa e-mail and got this

touche el troll touche!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just another quickie.....

I don't know who did it, but thank you. Someone posted on reddit that I was doing the secret santa. (I had to look at the stats and where the traffic was coming from.) So now I have a few more entries into it, and not just the 1 and a half I mentioned earlier.

Whoever did that, I'm considering that a secret santa gift for me :P

Remember though people, you still have until Sunday to enter!.

I hope.....

That most of you are waiting till the last minute to enter to win this box of goodies from me. I'm starting to get a bit depressed that I only have 1 entry lol. Well, 2 but the second person didn't follow the rules correctly, so I messaged them back about it so they could correct it and be actually entered.

You're making me sad people I mean look at this face :(

Remember to check out this post to see how to enter for my secret santa give away!

Anyways thanks to Yllsa who's contest I won, I got a gift card for 25 dollars (and a 50 dollar donation to the Humane Society). With that I actually finished my Holiday shopping and got my mother her first Blu-Ray (My Sisters Keeper) to go with the player I got her, and some HDMI cables so she isn't hooked up through component. Why is it that when I get a gift card for me, I somehow spend it on others? lol

Also went over to Beavis's last night, for a bit and had a couple of drinks.......let me just say this: Large Cherry Limeades from Sonic and Rum mix really really well together. We mixed in about 3 shots of rum er drink and you still couldn't taste it. It was just all forms of awesome! While we were drinking we decided to listen to some music, and talk about what we would do if we wont the lotto. I think he was a bit surprised when I told him I would set up a fund for his sons college education lol. I dunno, besides some shiny new toys, I would keep this house. I like it to much, though I think i would close the carport to make a man cave lol. Get my 67 Mustang, and more then likely get my Harley too. Then would throw the rest into interest baring accounts and see if I can live off of that. Doubtful but one can dream cant he? lol

What would you do if you won a huge amount from the lottery?

And remember you have until Sunday to enter....don't make me a sad panda!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I knew I missed....

Eureka and Warehouse 13, last nights Holiday episodes were both really cool, and just all around fun. I can't wait for there full return early next year. I was a bit upset last night though for the fact that I was able to download Eureka on torrents but not W13....I don't understand why they were on last night back to back. So I had to wait until 11 my time to watch it....this is why I hate DST, the channels say a certain time, but it's an hour off for AZ......damn West Coast feeds....

So, I may have one or 2 entrants so far for the Secret Santa give away. I did have to e-mail one person back to tell them to make sure they follow the rules so when they message me back they'll be entered. Make sure you sign up by Sunday if you want in! All rules on how to enter are found here. 

I do want to apologize though, cause it does sound like I am pushy when it comes to this....and honestly I think I have been. I'm just antsy and excited to do this lol.

Also is anyone like me, and for some reason on the 24th will have there TV's set to TBS for 24 hours of a Christmas Story? I do it every year, and never watch it all the way through yet am able to watch a part here and there so I'll actually see the whole movie, but not at once.....Just asking lol.

I'll write more later, but now back to work shhh. I was never here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have you yet written to me?

Just say noooo, I haven't gotten a single entry :( That's ok you have until Sunday to write to me at To tell me why I should be your Secret Santa.....Incase you didn't read my previous post located here you should go to it and read what I'm talking about! Trust me you know you want to.....just follow the rules.

I had today off (no I'm not playing WoW, I hate that damn game lol) so I decided to take some pictures of everything wrapped and boxed, and ready to go just to show you I'm not trolling lol! Unfortunately now I'm locked in my home office for fear of death, and I'll show you why. Yea, I suck at wrapping, I always have lol.

Silly Pikachu that's not yours!

Pikachu! I'm trying to take pictures here....geez.....

Come on seriously? Who said you could call a friend? Get outa the way!

Where the hell did he come from? Come on guys get outa here!

Why are you blocking that one hmmmmm? I mean what do I have to do to get you out of the pics?

No you can't go! You're all mine! Anyways you can't fit in the get out of the way...ummm guys? Why are you looking at me like that? SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!!!!!!

Yea, that was the last pic on my phone before they all jumped me.....Please make my beatings from the Pikachu gang here worth something and join in on the Secret Santa gifts from me by Sunday.....

And please send help!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ok I decided.....

I'm doing it.......even though I said I would give it till Wednesday, I want to make sure whoever wins it gets it before Xmas!

Willow's Secret Santa......

Here's how to participate/win:

Send me an e-mail at (it's a throw away e-mail for my no longer existing AdSense lol) You can use a throw away e-mail too, I don't care as long as you e-mail me telling me why you should be my giftee and I your gifter! Have fun with it......on Sunday 12/12/10, I will choose a winner from the e-mails I receive. I will then place the winning e-mail on my blog for EVERYONE to see....(Just the text, not your actual e-mail lol)

From there I'll contact you to get your shipping address. (Hopefully you live in the US international shipping can be expensive but I will still do it lol) Once the box is shipped (with tracking#) you'll get another e-mail from me giving you the tracking #, so you know where it is at all times :-P . Please let me know when you get it and have opened it. I want to post the pics of the items I sent you so the other entrants can see what they could have won lol.

Like I said in my previous post, nothing is really expensive, nor do I want anything in return I'm doing this because I like to give to people around the holidays, and knowing I may have made someones holiday more cheerful then what I already hope it is, is good enough for me. I think whoever wins will like at least 1 of the items in the box....if not I'll be a sad panda.....

The only rules:
You must send me an e-mail by 12/12/10 (if you don't you're SOL)

You e-mail me telling me why you should be my giftee and I your gifter! Have fun with it

DO NOT and I can't stress this enough DO NOT! Put your blog or blogger name in the e-mail. I'm trying to make the winner as secret to me as possible. I know it's supposed to work both ways in a Secret Santa, but how can I do this without giving myself away as the gifter? lol (if you want to you can tell me who you are when you've gotten it and opened it)

The e-mail must be more then 25 words! lol (make it as long as you want as long as it passes the 25 word mark, and you are not repeating things like pick me pick me! lol)

I also have the right to publish any and all e-mails for the entertainment value of it to my readers after the contest is over of course. (Thanks Sucio)

Do not tell me in the comments that you sent an e-mail :P

Anyways I think that's it. Good luck to all those who participate! And remember have fun with it!!!!!

I has a sad and an interesting idea......

The sad part is that Google canceled my AdSense account (after 2 months and 1 cashed check). I'm not going to try and fight it. As I've seen everyone that has tried to fight it fail in getting it back. I'll stick with the lower money makers and see how those work out. So unlike others I plan on keeping this blog going hopefully being able to post daily, if not daily then every other day or's difficult to come up with something to write about daily (I lead such a boring life at times lol)

Now here's my interesting idea, that I thought about while perusing and seeing their secretsanta exchange. Now tell me if it's a good idea or not my loyal followers, if I get enough yes's I'll do it! I want to pick one of my followers to get a secret santa gift box from me. Nothing big, nothing expensive just some little things. All of which are usable minus 2 items :) 1 of those items must be kept and when I send the box I'll tell you what item must be kept with a note on the inside. (Let's just say I'm having a hard time giving this up but I know one of you would love it as much as I do) I would basically give you a throw away e-mail to write to telling me why I should be your Secret Santa, and when you do write to me, I don't want your blog info, nor your blogger name. That's what makes this a secret on my end. I won't know which of my followers it goes to until they receive it and if they decide to put it on their blog showing the world the nifty little gifts. You can keep it to yourself and not write on your blog about it, as long as you e-mail me when you get it!

The best part about this? I don't expect anything back except knowing I made someones holidays a bit more cheerful

Sooooo, what does everyone think? I'll give this until Wednesday for people to tell me. Let me know.....please lol

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This time of the year.....

Usually depresses me. I miss my dad, I know it's been 13 years since he passed, but I still miss him like it was yesterday. There are times where I forget what he looks like till I see a picture of him. And I hardly remember what his voice sounded like. Like me he wasn't one for a camera or video. So video of him talking is far and few between and about as rare as finding the last surviving Dodo bird.

Today was the day my mother and I went to the National Memorial Cemetery here in Phoenix (It's where the current military and vets get buried here in Phoenix) Every year before Xmas we head out there to decorate his grave....and every year it's just as hard as the first without him.

Figured I would keep this short today, and not make other depressed lol. Just thought I would share how we decorated for him. We dug a bit at the top in order to put the tree in so it wouldn't fall over or anything. And yes the headstone is wet, I use a brush and then pour water over it to get it clean. This is a desert after all.

Merry Christmas dad, I miss you.

The gates of Hell.....

Is what we've decided to call Beavis's Chiminea, and I'll show you why in a few minutes.

We finally got rid of the crap from the main bathroom remodel out of my backyard.... The bulk trash pick up starts on the 6th, so we got rid of the fiberglass stuff (the bathtub, and walls) along with the counter top, sink and brass fixtures. Needless to say the scavengers were out and about grabbed everything metal, including the fixtures attached to the sink.....including a old computer chair of Beavis's we set out there, and an old vacuum that didn't work. anyway, any wood and cardboard that was back there we just threw over the fence to his backyard, and decided to drink tonight, and start burning it. This is the result.  The first is pic is pretty normal, the second one looks like the gates of hell. Seemed like every time we put a new peice of the cabinet, which is mostly particle board it just lit like mad.

I don't care what anyone says, yes it may get hot in Phoenix, but it does get chilly in the winter, not as cold as most places but you know 48 - 55 degrees is actually chilly lol. We don't see snow much here in Phoenix, if at all. So meh, I actually miss the snow, (I used to live in Connecticut)

I keep forgetting to take pics of the speakers with the little shelves I built, we finally painted it the other night with black spray paint. I keep telling Beavis all we need to do now is ad some stickers to it then it will be done lol. It actually looks good now that its painted too. We keep telling each other this was a good idea.....glad I thought of it. Even if I don't bring over my laptop, we can still use it outside with my iPhone hooking up to someones Wi-Fi, either his, or his neighbor with the router name of time put the WPA2 protection on it moron. If I really wante dto I would start downloading something from the PirateBay I know is being monitored by the MPAA or RIAA.....

How did I NOT know about this board game growing up??!!!!! I want the Legend of Zelda game damnit.... (yes there is a 30 second ad before it)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I think.....

I spend to much time next door drinking. Not really I just thought I would say that lol.

I'm not a big sports fan, but I will watch football from time to time. Mainly ASU games and the Super Bowl. Todays game dealt with ASU and UofA great rival teams, and ASU hasn't won a game off of UofA the last 3 years. Tonight changed that. I'm not going to go into boring game details I will however say, that if those feild goals were not blocked it would have been a 4th year ASU lost to UofA....Beavis said he hurt his head screaming, and I wouldn't doubt it with the amount of it he did, almost made me deaf lol.

So all my Holiday shopping is done....well will be tomorrow. My sister and I went in half on a vintage Singer sewing machine for my mother (with cabinet.) It's a 1943 model and the full cabinet. We also found all the accessories pretty cheaply on line. I thought the vintage stuff would have been more expensive. Basically I bought the machine, my sister got the accessories and had them sent to my place. Now, I'm going to pick up my mother a Blu-Ray player which I saw advertised for under 70 bucks and a 25 dollar gift card to Kohls, which she seems to enjoy shopping at. She has enough jewelry, and honestly I had no idea what to get her till I mentioned the machine to my sister.

Ooooo before I forget, which I've been meaning to write about the last couple of posts, but keep forgetting. Those iof you Star Trek geeks out there. You can watch every episode starting from TOS to Enterprise online. I have no idea how I found it, but I've been enjoying some of my favorite episodes lately from every series. Just go here, or type into your browser. The site is a bit slow, but the shows are watchable. I think I'll be watching a Voyager 2 parter next called Year of Hell.

I thought I would share something a bit interesting, that anyone can do, just be careful doing it! AZ is now legal to buy and use fireworks!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

People seem to say......

That this time of the year is for giving, and helping out charities.... why can't you do it in other parts of the year? Not just around the holidays?

Myself, I try to do a few things throughout the year and then on the holidays, because my father died from cancer, I give  to the American Cancer Society. I also give to the VFW since my dad was also a vet. I don't go nuts with the donations but I give what I can. I usually split about 400 a year between the two organizations. It just depends on what I can spare that time of year. Also some of my free time I spend at the Shoebox Ministries their goal is to help homeless men, women and families in the Greater Phoenix Area by providing financial support and donating toiletry items or shoe box kits in Arizona.

Then about this time of year The Salvation Army's Christmas Angel trees start popping up in the malls. Basically what it is on the trees there are tags for either a boy or girl (under the age of 12) with presents they would like for the holidays. Now you can either go shopping for those items or just give cash so the SA can go out and buy it. Now mind you these tags don't just have toys on them. They also have clothing needs on them. Yea from time to time, you'll see the high priced item a child wants, but seriously those are far and few between. The families (kids) on the trees had to qualify for the holiday assistance program through the SA, so you know what you are getting is not just going to some spoiled , snot nosed brat. I usually pick one boy and one girl tag off the tree, thats asked for reasonable items (clothing and toys.) That's just me, there are other people that will tag 10 random tags and fill them completely. Something I wish I could do, but I'm nowhere near rich lol.

Hell I was at the dollar store the other day getting myself an energy drink (have I mentioned RipIts rule?) and they asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to get a child a Christmas present....I figured it was a dollar each so I did a couple for a boy and a couple for a girl.

If you want to give to a charity or organization but don't really have the funds, try donating some of your free time to a local one....soup kitchens, homeless shelters, would be surprised at how many of them just want volunteers to help out.

And on that note, if your interested in charity work or information on donating to different organizations, check out one of th eblogs I follow regularly, Little Flowers. She always has good info on things you can do like that. She's also having a contest which you can read up on here The winner of the contest can either win a 25 dollar amazon gift card and a 50 dollar donation to a charity on her list in your name (she may do it to another charity, if you win you can ask her) or the full 75 dollars to the charity. It's up to you.

If you just want to bring a smile to someones face then I say do this.....Sometimes a hug is all you need.