Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't believe I found a place......

Usually I order my shaving stuff online, razor blades, shaving soap, balm etc.... Not like anyone cares but I use a Double Edge Safety Razor that used to belong to my father. Well after perusing a website that I frequent called Badger and Blade, I decided to do a search for places in Phoenix on the site that sold some of the stuff I was looking for at a reasonable price. I finally found it. They don't have the razors I like Feather Platinum's from Japan, but they have the next best one called Derby. They also have different shaving soaps.

Anyways, I doubt you want to read about my shaving escapades, but I thought I would throw that out just because.

Just got home from Beavis's place, after having a few drinks. Bacardi Rum and Mountain Dew Live Wire mix really well. I think that might be my new favorite mixed drink lol. The taste is just awesome. Well anyways, we started talking about the past, and how he missed doing acid, and how I missed doing Ecstasy, I do I really do, but eh I'm to old for that crap now. Though I'm not sure if I would turn it down if given the opportunity for free pills. We also decided to paint the "contraption" I made for my laptop and the speakers we picked up for anytownin, that I mentioned in a previous post.

I honestly can't believe how old we've gotten since some of the stuff we talk about while drinking seems like it only happened just last week. It seems we have selective memory. Then again I think that's just the human race in general. We remember things that we find enjoyable yet block the rest.

Night people, I have something else I want to write about but I'm to damn tired to worry about it. It deals with giving this time of year, but I'll write about it tomorrow. I'll also check on the people I follow after I watch Stargate Universe :P So for now I'll leave you with this. If you're a Doctor Who fan you'll understand this and the episode it was from One of the best episodes that David Tennant wasn't in (A Doctorless episode.) :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Deaths and more deaths......

Before I go about talking about the title, let me just say women are fracking crazy. I'll give you the readers digest version of why I'm saying this. As you know Beavis had a birthday party for his son yesterday which I went to. Had a good time then after everyone left we started putting together Brody's new toys. It was all great we each had a beer while doing it and playing with the new toys itself. Then Sarah comes in (Brody's mom, Beavis's ex) she's already pissed off because of a conversation she had with Beavis earlier in the day. Short version, he didn't get pissed off or yell like she wanted him to, he keeps a cool head while talking to her, he just gets over zealous after he hangs up the phone. Anyways she shows up about 5pm to pick up Brody, its been over 2 hours since everyone left, she sees 2 beers on the counter grabs body and storms out, saying nice drinking at a childs birthday party. You know, party has been over for almost 2 hours, and being the big kids that Beavis and I are while trying to put together the new toys without instructions, and then playing with the toys with Brody we figured 'A' beer will not hurt us. She needs to learn to deal with the things are her place and not worry about what's going on with Beavis's home. I'll have to explain about her more another day, but today is not the day. But here is a pic of Beavis, and one of his son....the crap the mother puts both of them through is just ridiculous.

Anyways, 2 deaths to talk about today. The first I'm sure everyone knows. Leslie Nielsen died this weekend at age 84 with complications from pneumonia,  known to most of you as Frank Dreben from Police Squad aka Naked Gun Movies. What some people don't know about him, is that his first comedic role was actually in the move Airplane! , then from there he was still doing some serious stuff, but he seemed to like the comedy part of acting more. I remember him first in Airplane! yes but I also remember him in a episode of M*A*S*H*, and one of the segments in the movie Creepshow. He also played a couple roles for Alfred Hitchcock in his earlier years along with being the lead in the B movie Forbidden Planet. He also had a role on the original horror film Prom Night. His much later years up until his death he did a ton of parody movies. He was actually in talks to do a final Naked Gun movie....now that is cut short. There wasn't a time where I didn't remember him with pure white hair, until I saw the episodes of Alfred Hitchcock and Forbidden Planet.....When I first saw those I had to do a double take and ask me dad where do I know him from....He lived out here in Phoenix for awhile, and was actually friends with Alice Cooper, I met him at Coopers town in Downtown Phoenix once about 9 or 10 years ago, and I will have to say this. He was a really friendly guy. He just got up from his table and started going around introducing himself to people getting pictures taken with people if they had cameras. RIP funny man, they won't be calling you Shirley anymore.

Movie Videos & Movie Scenes at MOVIECLIPS.com

The second death this weekend, I'm sure you don't know the name but I'm sure more then half of you have seen his work, and more then likely enjoyed it. Irvin Kershner director of the acclaimed Star War: The Empire Strikes Back. Most people think Lucas directed all 3 from the trilogy, but what most people don't know was that Star Wars: A New Hope, took it's toll on Lucas so he asked Kershner over lunch one day, he refused, but was talked into it by his agent.I'm glad Kershner directed ESB, as much as I enjoyed ANH and RotJ, I personally think ESB was the best in the trilogy.

That's about it for now, I really shouldn't be writing this till later but eh I'm caught up on a half weeks worth of crap from last week lol....catcha later Bill and Ted!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretty toy.....

Told you I would write today and here I am!

Yesterday as we know was Black Friday here in the States. I don't know how the rest of the world works but with Black Friday comes all the cheap deals, (or sort of cheap deals as the stores would have you believe) I guess you can call it capitalism at it's best and worst, mainly the day where people wake up at 2 am  or don't go to sleep to stand in those lines to save an extra 5 bucks on higher priced items.

I was one of those yesterday. Though I wasn't stupid enough to pick any of the bigger stores (Wal-Mart Best Buy, Toy R Us etc.... I hit one of the smaller stored first, got up at my normal weekday time at 520, got up got dressed threw on my leather trenchcoat and drove 5 minutes up the street to Staples. Now I didn't think there was going to be a line, but ther was, but not as big as all these other stored you see on the news, and I wasn't going for one of those super cheap laptops they had on sale. I don't need one, I have one and I have a desktop that I built myself. I just needed one thing from there, a new monitor like I mentioned in a previous post. So on Thursday I started going through the Ads....and boy are there a ton of them, and decided Staples had a decent 23 inch Acer monitor for 139 bucks. Now, this one is a step down from the 24 inch I had, but I figured I could live with it since my current one is on it's way out. So after waiting in line for a half an hour to get in, and another 15 to get my monitor and leave I decided to head over to Wal-Mart......and boy I'm glad I decided to hit that one next.

Basically I just when there for essentials minus a couple of DvD's, socks a couple pairs of jeans and a couple new t-shirts, and an energy drink lol. I usually don't get much on Black Friday if I decide to go out. Usually I don't have the cash, this time I did, because I saved the 2 checks I got from working the polls this year.

After the shoppign I went home hooked up my new monitor, calibrated it. Bout half an hour later I got a call from the parental unit.....come over and help with her tree and the inside of her house....great, I may like the holiday season but I don't like putting up a tree or decorate the inside of my house why would I want to help with yours? lol. Na, it's a tradition always help her out while listening to the Dr Demento Christmas album..... lol. The one and only tree I put up in my home was one time.....it was a small tree with blacklights on it,  adorned with a lightup skull at the top for the 'angel' lol. Next week she wants to go to the cemetery and put a wreath up on my dads grave like every year. Stil can't believe it's been 13 Holiday seasons without him.....I still need to get the new shadow box for his flag and medals....well I still need to write to the Navy to get reproductions of all his medals. Considering some of his originals are missing, and the ones I do have are pretty beat up. Just something I need to do in the new year.....anyone know of an easier way to get them?

Well besides Beavis's kids birthday party tomorrow, my weekend has been pretty uneventful. I honestly think it will be uneventful tomorrow even at the party lol.

I did go through most of my CD's and put them all on my computer instead of picking a few dozen and doing it this time around lol  I found all my Happy2bHardcore albums......now I'm not a big Happy Hardcore fan....I prefer Trance and House, but for some reason thee H2bHC albums I always enjoyed. So I'll leave you with this for tonight.....the ENTIRE Chapter 3 of Happy2bHardcore. Listen if you want. I know most of you won't since it's Happy Hardcore lol.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I hope everyone of my followers in the US had a good Thanksgiving yesterday, and I hope everyone had a eventful Black Friday today, with all the shopping and other crap.

This week has just been so busy, I've hardly posted and it pisses me off that I haven't because of that, I think next week should be back to normal with the daily posting and looking through everyone's new posts. I should be writing one tomorrow too, talking about the adventures in shopping today....

Until then sleep well and don't freeze your asses off!.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

People ask me......

Why I always decorate for Christmas, I tell them I'm not. I'm decorating for the holiday season. I see Christmas as a gift giving day. There was no proof that Jesus was born on December 25th. It wasn't until A.D. 440 that the church officially proclaimed December 25 as the birth of Christ. This was not based on any religious evidence but on a pagan feast. Saturnalia was a tradition inherited by the Roman pagans from an earlier Babylonian priesthood. December 25 was used as a celebration of the birthday of the sun god. It was observed near the winter solstice. The apostles in the Bible predicted that some Christians would adopt pagan beliefs to enable them to make their religion more palatable to the pagans around them. Therefore, some scholars think the church chose the date of this pagan celebration to interest them in Christianity. The pagans were already used to celebrating on this date.&nbspSince I practice a Pagan religion, I celebrate Yule (Winter Solstice) on the 21'st of December this year since I live above the equator, those below the equator would celebrate in on June 21'st.

See if you're still reading after my little religious romp then you just learned something new. People have their own faiths and I respect each one. Thats why I call this the Holiday Season in my eyes. Yes it's mainly based around the Christian holiday as that is what happens after centuries of celebrating it, but there are more then just Christmas at this time of year if you were to look.

Anyways sorry I haven't posted pretty much at all this week, even though I have the week off, I've been rather busy decorating the outside of my house......and debating when I want to throw on the heater this year, I mean it's not to cold out, well not as cold as other places in the states, but still chilly enough in the mornings to where I want to put it on lol. More then likely I'll throw it on next week.

So basically here is what I've done: Sunday I took all the light totes and the mechanical deer sleigh and snowman out of my shed in the backyard. Tested them they were all working....at the time. I was like cool, I'll leave this till Monday. Here are a couple of pics before everything was setup.

Now keep in mind that is only the deer and other crap, all the lights themselves that go on the house around the yard etc....those are in 3 separate totes that I already tested (not pictured.)

Anyways Monday comes I was like this should be easy since everything is working. Get the icicle lights up, plug them in working. Get what I call the large border lights up...plug them in a strand is out....FRACK! Gro through that strand. every bulb is working, replace the fuse, still not on....DAMNIT....got one of my extra colored strands out of it's box (I pick up extra lights at the end of the season since they go on sale cheap)I'll just say that even after testing lights on Sunday and making sure they were ALL working lights were out lol It pissed me off, but I just used all the extra I had bought the previous year. Here is the finished front yard as of Monday night.

 So the lights are up and ready to be turned on Thanksgiving night, then they stay off till December 1st. Usually it's a race between me and the lesbians in the cul-de-sac across the street, but unfortunately the one that does the decorations in front of their house her partner died earlier this year so she hasn't gotten them up yet. Beavis and I are more then likely going to go over there next week and ask if she wants either help to put them up or if she would like us to do it for her. We were talking about it while drinking a couple of weeks ago, and we keep mentioning it to each other. Figured it would be a nice gesture. Beavis will usually put his up near the mid of December.

Thats about it for now, I will write more later, just didn't want anyone that actually reads my blog to think I died.....btw the 7 animated deer outside my house are looking at me funny.......

Saturday, November 20, 2010

As of right now......

I'm coherent on about 3 hours of sleep, and NO energy drinks....I just couldn't sleep last night, tossing and turning....tv on, tv off, music on, music off I actually fell asleep this morning at about 5ish, then woke up about 8ish. I've been keeping myself busy because if I do fall asleep, there is no way I would be able to fall asleep tonight, and then the cycle starts all over again. So keeping busy... I built a little I don't know what to call it shelf I guess, for when Beavis and I do Anytowns. (everyone can do Anytown, grab a couple of chairs some drinks and some tunes, and sit out front, you can do this in Anytown in America)

Well anyways onto the shelf thing I made or tried to make. Basically it's going to hold 2 speakers and my laptop on it so when we do anytown rather then going in the back yard for the music we just set that up with my laptop hook up to his Wi-Fi and listen to some music. I basically built 2 small boxes and attatched them to the shelf that I didn't put into the new vanity in the big bathroom, those boxes will hold the speakers, I extended both sides by about 3 inches with leftovers from the remodeling. It looks like crap right now, because the wood glue isn't completly dry yet. But when it is dry, I'll sand it down a bit and paint it flat black, then it should look decent. I mean it doesn't have to look pretty as long as it's doing what it was made for Trust me it doesn't look pretty lol. Then again I don't have the right tools and saws to make it correctly, so I just made due with what I had...... Hell might even be enough room to hold our drinks on it too.....actually no, after thinking about it the laptop will take most of the front of it.....

I got the speakers at Goodwill for 3 bucks, tested them there they sound pretty decent, it's an old pair of Creative Speakers for the computer....still working is all we needed so anything new we didn't care about... I rarely go into Goodwill, but the amount of stuff they have that is actually decent is pretty badass. Mainly the electronic stuff, I was hoping to see an old school NES or Atarti, but no luck. Oh well there is always next time.

I'm starting to feel bad for some of the blogs I follow. Their AdSense accounts got banned. Does anyone have any ideas on why Google would ban your accounts if you weren't getting any clicks or crap like that? All I can say is try Bidvertiser, or Adbrite. I'm testing out a new one right now that Futomara suggested that I had to go through the application process and had to be approved, hopefully that might turn out something along with my AdSense. If it does, I'll give you the info on it and a link to go to. I wonder if signing up with Futomara's referral link actually sped up the process and let them bring me in...

Well after writing this, I'll go through my followers and see who wrote what, then maybe drinks and a movie....What are your plans for this weekend?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So, for the last week.....

In the game I play Cabal Online, I've been trying to get my pet to it's max level. So basically what I've been doing is grinding on a creature that hardly does damage to my character anymore yet it takes me forever to kill it while using weak skills and not my normal gear. Basically It will take me an hour or so to kill it, but I'll be afk attacking it. So yea I'm technically not around when killing it though I am. I get about 1% of the level it's currently at per monster I kill. Which isn't bad but I would be happier if it were more lol. So I went from 42% of level 9 to 94% of level 9 as of now. Max levels for pets in this game are 10. Once you hit level 10 the per 'evolves' and you can train it with one random skill. Not like anyone was really interested to read that, but eh.

I've got all of next week off (as I usually do this time of year for Thanksgiving) So Sunday I'll take all the lights and crap for the holiday decorations out of the shed and test them making sure they work, more then likely set up the light up deer just so they will be done, and start decorating the house for the Holidays. It doesn't snow in Phoenix, and I think because of that people out here like to decorate to give it that winter feeling. Like myself. It actually gets really festive out here after Thanksgiving and makes me miss the snow back east. Once the light are up on my house, I throw turn them on the first time Thanksgiving night, and don't turn them on again till December 1st. It's just nice to see holiday spirit out in the desert.

My neighbors about 2 houses down are pissing me off though. It seems like they don't like to throw out their grass clippings or weeds throughout the year so they wait and then burn bits of it. The crap stinks the neighborhood to high heaven. I don't think there is a no burn policy when it comes to that here in Phoenix, though if it were a Non burn day I would be calling the city....I'm sorry stop burning the crap for the rest of the neighborhood to smell. Is it really that difficult to throw it away and not burn it?

Anyways I guess that's about it. Gotta go to the blogs I follow which will take a while since I didn't do it most of yesterday lol....I leave you with the final part in the Charlie the Unicorn series!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm trying.....

To wait to post until I'm able to download and then watch SGU That won't be for another half hour to 45 minutes, depending on how the scene guys convert their video when they premiere on TV. Usually for the 1 gig files for the HD version it's roughly 15 minutes after the show ends on the east coast. Usually being the keyword, as Chuck last night came to the torrents rather late, I started downloading it as soon as it started on NBC, so I finished watching it on my computer without the commercials that NBC had....So I guess no spoilers on it tonight.

Speaking of Stargate, I miss SG-1 and Atlantis. Yea SG-1 got a little off with the introduction of the Ori, but it was still enjoyable to watch. They left Atlantis open for more, and there was talk about a movie, but so far that's not happening. Why not? They did 2 SG-1 movies after the series ended, and it closed up a lot of holes the the finale episode didn't do. There is just a lot that they can do with an Atlantis movie.

The Walking Dead ruled once again Sunday night. (Thanks to my follower who mentioned I said Living Dead rather then Walking Dead)The show itself keeps getting better and better. I thought I would be biased having read the comics, but in all honesty those who have read the comics should like it just as much as those who haven't read them. You've watched the show riiiiiight? If you haven't you're missing out on one hell of a zombie series.

Also little by little my backyard is slowly getting back to normal since the remodeling of the big bathroom. Like I said before I don't have a truck so taking everything down to the dump at once isn't doable, so I've been getting as much as I can in the normal trash can on Tuesdays for that trash, then the cardboard and other recyclables in the recycle bin for Fridays....

This has to be the best image I've seen on Failblog. And with my liking for Silence of the Lambs I just laughed my ass off when I saw it.

 Also I leave you with Charlie the Unicorn part 2 Not as awesome as the first which I posted earlier today, but still enjoyable.


For those of you actually interested in my ramblings, and my not posting yesterday. Last night Beavis and I went to his cousin Jordans house who is going back to Nebraska as of today. Had a few drinks some good discussion of the government. Just an all around good time. He was out here for 3 months and because he couldn't find a job, he decided to call it quits out here and go back where a job (albeit a crappy one) is waiting for him. Take it easy Jordan you'll be missed.

I'm going to make this short though until later tonight. Because well, I have a ton of followers to go through. I'll more then likely talk about The Walking Dead from Sunday, maybe some Chuck from last night and Stargate Universe for tonight. That one, might be spoilerific! lol

I will leave you with this though....I'm sure most if not all of you have seen it, but it's still awesome.....Shuuuuuuuuuuuun the non believer.....shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday already......

Which means it's the night of animation and zombies. Animation being from Fox, Simpsons, Family Guy......I think after 20ish years the Simpsons got a bit old, I stopped watching the religiously like 5 years ago, but I'm glad Family Guy was brought back by Fox. Never cared for the Cleavland Show or American Dad, I mean they aren't bad shows, but McFarlen doesn't really need 3 shows. Considering I think the other 2 are just kinda meh. On the plus side Walking Dead tonight! They got picked up for a second season....which makes me excited, Only after seeing the first 2 and reading the comics....well yea, I love me some zombies.

I know I shouldn't be excited because of this, but the 1st part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows comes out this Friday. I'm not going to be like others and go opening night. People are nuts that go to any movie opening night. I'll most likely wait until next week or the week after. I just hope that by being in 2 parts they don't take out as much as they did with Half Blood Prince. Sorry to say but the Pensive scenes were actually needed in the 6th movie. I'm taking bets on what they take out of the next ones! I'm sorry, I loved the books, I'm not afraid to say that lol, but taking out important bits from the movie that were in the book are just blasphemy.

The main thing I love about Sunday though.....lazy day, I love jut doing nothing and reading a damn book.

I know that I made some of you nostalgia pretty hard my last post. This one isn't going to be much different. Mentioning what I talked about Mtv to one of my friends we had a long discussion, and then went on how VH1 is doing the same thing, then we talked about Pop Up Video.....I'm not going to lie to you on this, you're about to get Rick Roll'd but with the Pop Up video version. It's actually interesting to read some of the facts about it specially the black dancer.....guess he had a bad hangover the day of shooting....but seriously, you don't have to watch it. I just thought it was cool. Also this gives me a chance to see just the comment bots! lol

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anyone remember........

When the M in Mtv actually stood for music? I don't think they ever play music on it anymore, anytime you go to it pretty much no matter what time of the day it's always reality television.....crappy reality television too. I remember growing up and hitting the button on the old set-top box repeatedly trying to find something on. This was what the box looked like
Remember I was born in 78 but a child of the 80's so this is what we had at first.

Anyways like I was saying flipping through the channels on the old set-top cable box I would usually hit either Nikelodeon, or Mtv. Sometimes USA depending on the day because USA actually showed cartoons at one point in the early 80's too. Mtv back then till the mid to late 80's showed nothing but Music Vids.....I remember in the mid 80's they had their game show Remote Control which was cool but not music, but it wasn't that bad. Once the 90's hit we started getting animation like Liquid Television, Beavis and Butthead, Brother Grunt, The Maxx, Aeon Flux, then the reality shows like Road Rules started showing up. I was like ok, they still play some music vids, just not all the time now....Once the new millenium hit and up until today, Mtv started slowly phasing out the music and bringing in new reality shows. No one paid much attention for some reason. Then recently Mtv re-branded themselves and cropped out the Music Television script from their logo...why? CAUSE THEY DON'T PLAY FRACKING MUSIC ANYMORE! I'm sorry, that was one of the channels I grew up with, I remember seeing the 80's pop and rock boom, I remember sneaking to stay up late to watch Headbangers Ball at midnight. Hell I remember when Yo! Mtv Raps was getting popular, and they were still playing DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Price.....Now you have the brain dead teens and 20 somethings sitting down on their couches watching crap shows Like Jersey Shore, and 16 and Pregnant.....I mean I won't lie, I watched Real World from time to time, but then I stopped, it just got boring after a bit.

Yea, I know I can listen to music through my cable station on Music Choice. Download it from the net now, but now if you want to see a music video you need to go searching online for it. I don't mind doing that since the sound and video on my comp rock lol But what if I just wanted to flip on the TV while I was doing something else like cooking and wanted to watch a music video or 2?

In remembrance of Mtv Instead of our Monty Python, I'm going to give you the first 10 minutes of when Mtv originally came to television.2 Music vids in 10 minutes......You haven't seen that on Mtv in years.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A thought came to me earlier....

We all know fast food is bad for us, but we can't help but indulge on it from time to time. Why? It actually makes us happy it changes our brain chemistry a bit. Let me explain....no to difficult let me sum up.....If you've ever taken ecstasy I'm sure you know how it works it pretty much releases all your serotonin from your brain at once giving you that euphoria feeling for hours on end, fast food works the same way. Over the years, our body became accustom to getting the fast food in small quantities, once a week, once a month. Ever notice how you feel better after you've had some of your favorite fast food? Your body considers it pleasurable and releases the same serotonin though not in the same quantities as if you took ecstasy, your brain/body is considering this a treat. Which is the reason why you feel good when you're eating or done eating the junk food, and after a couple of hours your feeling a semi crashing effect. Once again not as bad as if you were to take ecstasy. I'm not going to lie for some reason McDonalds french fries are my weakness, I consider them fried crack. Yea that was my thought for the day, think of your favorite type of fast food as a drug! lol

I had no clue what to write about today, since my day was pretty uneventful, so I did that! lol Trust me I'm full of useless info. That being some of it.

Enjoy Monty for tonight though!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To all of the US military overseas....

Come home safe! Even though I don't agree with the wars that are going on right now or within the last few years, I still respect and honor our troops. Anyone that joins any branch of the military knows what they are signing up for. To protect their homeland, and for that I don't see why anyone wouldn't respect them. It could be peacetime in the world right now, and somewhere in the US a young man or woman would be signing up knowing at any time they can be shipped out to fight for their country. Unfortunately sometimes the fighting isn't necessary. If you see someone in any branch in your hometown. Just go up to them and say thank you. You wouldn't believe how much that means to them.

On a sort of of geeky tangent here, I think I have the most awesome remote control over made. The Logitech Harmony One.
Touch screen, programmable, just all around awesome. You can program this thing to do just about anything with your electronics. For example if I wanted to watch something I downloaded on my Western Digital Media player, I would press the Watch Media Player on the touch screen. If the TV was on it would stay on, it would shut down the cable box, turn on the media player, and AV receiver (if it was off), and put the AV receiver to the right HDMI output for the WD player. From there I can control the sound to the AV receiver with the volume buttons and control the WD player with the Pause/Play etc buttons....Trust me this thing is fracking unbelievable. The only downside I have with it is programming it. You do it by USB to your computer. It's the program itself to program the remote that is the pain in the ass. You literally need the model number of whatever electronics you want programmed into it. Which if you have a big system can be a pain int he ass to get to. Another con I would say is the price point. Who would pay anywhere between 150 - 250 USD (depending on where you get it) for a remote control. I got mine free turning in frequent flier miles. But yea, if you want a good remote and have the cash, pick it up....it rules....

I hope that some of you took a look into yesterdays post and downloaded Infected and are listening to it and are going to listen to it....if not I'm going to be a sad panda.

And you know what time it is? CONFESS CONFESS!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So for those of you that put in a bit of interest on Scott Sigler, I've uploaded the audio book version of Infected. You can download it here. I'm also uploading it now to another site incase this one doesn't work for everyone....I couldn't find my actual copy of the audio book, so I downloaded it from Demonoid lol. For those of you that like it after listening to it I can also upload the sequel Contagious for you. Though I would prefer you actually purchase a hard copy of it though it's not necessary. Just support the author anyway you can, by recommending the book, and giving people his site. Donate to him, or buying a different book of his in either paper form or audio book. This downlaod is roughly 218 mes, and contains a rar file with 9 mp3's all labeled.

*EDIT* Here is the other link with the same download.

It's weird I noticed earlier today that on my screen anyways, that my AdSense ads are doing the basic ones from when you are just starting up. The public service ads....but it's only on the main page, in any of my actual posts the AdSense ads are normal., but I did add bidvertiser when I noticed that happening, thinking like many others Google may have canceled my AdSense account (though I didn't get an e-mail from them stating that.) Any of you know what that might be all about?

I'm also a bit peeved at the episode of SGU last night.....not to spoil it, but something happened at the end, that was implied but not shown, and it's going to piss me off when they announce it on next weeks episode......poor Eli is all I can say. Ooooo I just found the newest Episode of Caprica that appeared in Canadia last night! (Yea I said Canadia) So that's downloading while I finish this up and go through my followers posts. So, I leave you with this...more Monty Python :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I really hate DST......

Mainly because all the cable feeds are PST. So like I said in a previous post, because all our feeds are PST, everything is an hour ahead, including the time I get my shows via torrents. I'm sure you're not really interested into why that pisses my off, all I know is that it just does. lol Maybe I should jut pick up the damn book Beavis let me borrow yesterday and not worry about the TV lol. I'm actually debating if I want to download the audio book also I can just listen to it whenever I want. Actually audio books aren't that bad. I did it with the Harry Potter Series, (just so I don't have to ruin my hard-copies) I also did it with a few Scott Sigler books and The Princess Bride book.

Speaking of reading, or listening depending on what you like better if you like horror/thriller books, you should take a look at Scott Sigler's website. The first 2 books I would recommend are Infected, then its sequel Contagious. I mean you can't read or listen to one without the other, I enjoy Infected much more then Contagious, but I still think both are worth the read or listen. If you are interested in either of those 2 I'm willing to upload the MP3 version for you, but please if you enjoyed them, consider picking up the hard-copies to support the author. It's like what I do with games, movies and music, also with iPhone apps, if I like them enough I'll buy them. If it was good for 1 watch or 1 listen I won't.

Also I'm considering installing the Android software on my iPhone. Just to test out the OS, has anyone done this with their iPhone at all? If so how did it work out for you and would you recommend it. If not then I won't do it. (It's actually all done in Cydia, and you have to have a jailbroken iPhone)

If you look hard enough through youtube, you can find this clip dubbed into Halo....but it's Monty Python, I'm not going to ruin it for you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just another quickie.....

So, I use torrents to get a lot of my shows early, Chuck, Pawn Stars, Stargate Universe etc....New episodes of both Pawn Stars and American Restoration were on tonight....why the hell arent they on the damn torrents? I use mostly private trackers that you need invites to use so they usually have the shows almost right away. It's just odd these aren't on now. Then again with AZ because of the time change recently it might even be screwed up on times it comes out on torrents for me.....DAMNIT AZ needs to start changing or the world needs to get rid of DST....

I'm not usually one to do this, but I'm going to pimp out someones blog because of the info/tutorials that gets written on it. Trust me for all of you adsense users his blog is really informative so take a look. I mean I did some research on Adsense before I got to his blog, but the info he shows just blows that research out of the water. http://spunchops.blogspot.com/

Seriously though, take a look.

And I was flipping through channels last week I think it was, what the hell was Bristol Palin doing on Dancing with the Stars? Did she become famous for being a teenage whore or something?

Also picked up a book from my buddy Beavis, The Rum Diaries by Hunter S. Thompson. You may know him better from possibly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This one is also going to be a movie and is also starring Johnny Depp.

Anyway off to be pissed at my shows not being on torrents right now.....Yea I mad.

Just wow....

I didn't think The Walking Dead could get any better then the comics, but I have to say I think I'm enjoying it just as much if not more. If you haven't watched it yet, I urge you to do it. Keep in mind though when you watch the second episode, there might be a part in it that is NOT for the squeamish or those with sensitive stomachs...I had a grin going from ear to ear when I saw it. This has got be me my favorite non sci-fi show that's on right now. Those of you that have commented on my previous posts about The Walking Dead saying you haven't watched it yet....watch it!!! Here is a screenshot I captured last night. The whole scene was actually awesome too lol

I would love to tell you what this scene entailed, but that would just ruin it for you if you haven't seen it.

This clip though is for those of you that haven't seen Walking Dead yet. Hopefully this will change your mind and you'll see it now...It's the opening scene from last weeks premiere.

So, I'm thinking about starting up one of the older versions of Final Fantasy again, I can play 1 and 2 on my iPhone, or I could download them via emulator. I'm also thinking of either FFIX or FFX. I love both those in the series, now I know people go batshit crazy for FFVII, I mean I enjoyed it but not to the extent the others have.

Speaking of FFIX I NEED TO GET ME ONE OF THESE!!!!!! (well 2 of them, one to open and one to keep closed)

Vivi rules, not much more I can say about that.

Why am I addicted to dollar store energy drinks? The damn thing is called RipIt, and it tastes like an orange crush soda. It's got less of the caffeine then the other ones out on the market, and you don't crash as hard as the other ones...if you crash down at all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


New episode of The Walking Dead tonight. As I mentioned in a previous post the pilot rocked, and I'm hoping the rest of the series does as well, seeing as how it's based of the comic series of the same name. I am still surprised that AMC picked this up as a TV series seeing as how it deals with zombies, also with the way some comic to tv/movie adaptations have been doing as well. Like I said before if you haven't seen it and are a fan of Zombies, and the forthcoming Zombie apocalypse I still recommend watching this and downloading it via torrent if you are out of the US. I just hope tonights episode doesn't make me eat my words in this post.

Speaking of comic to screen adaptations I still think people should watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Though it missed big at the box office, I'm almost positive that is what they wanted. I think it will in time become a cult classic. Yes it misses a lot from the graphic novels, but thats what you get when you try to squeeze things in a movie time frame. You want to see some adaptations from book to screen look at the Harry Potter series. SO MUCH was taken out of the Half Blood Prince. Kind of pissed me off specially with Tom Riddles back story.

I was finally able to watch episode 14 of Caprica, since the last 5 episodes won't be showing here in the states on SyFy until sometime next year, since SyFy didn't even want to give it a chance at a second season. I'm sure it will wind up just like Firefly and at least get a movie to end it....even if a TV movie I think I would be happy with some closure. Unless of course the producers of Caprica picked up on that it wasn't going to get a second season and the writers made the season 1 finale not a cliffhanger but something that could stand alone in case they didn't get renewed or canceled. That's what you get though when you change a shows day that it airs and put wrestling in its place.....what the hell happened to SyFy, they used to be a good channel when they only showed scifi lol.

Looks like I'll also need to get a new monitor. True I have dual screens but once my main goes out, I'll doubt I can live with just the 19 inch monitor....my main is 24 inches. Lately it's been getting buggy, showing burn ins on the top left, dead pixels just about everywhere, (though you can't really see them) and now it comes on when it wants to. I'm sure I can live with it for a bit longer it is almost 3 years old, and I think it can live on with it until Black Friday when the deals are out an about. Just hope I don't get stomped on during it though lol.

I spent some time today cleaning out the shed in the back yard, it has all of Ricardo's tools he left here while he went to Mexico, they were all over the place, so I separated the tools he borrowed from me and put them away and put his into a clean little section so when he gets back it's still not a mess. Actually I needed to do that anyways so when I actually have to get in there this week for the lawn mower and crap like that I would be actually able to take them out. My lawn is nuts right now, since I haven't done anything to it since the bathrooms started to get worked on. I'll take care of that sometime this week.

It's surprising you can ramble on about nothing for awhile like I just did lol......Anyways here is another Monty Python sketch. I know some of you don't care for MP but I do lol. Personally I love this sketch.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Interesting fact.....

Arizona doesn't change for DST like the rest of the free world, neither does part of Indiana, well I think Indiana. So it kind of pisses me off for the fact that most of my shows on cable will be on 1 hour later, and screw up any schedule I have. I just don't get it. I never understood why we don't change, so part of the year AZ is on PST, the other is MST. Daylight savings time was created by Benjamin Franklin to basically make sure throughout the day in the past to get that bit of extra light in the mornings and at night for farmers. So when friends out of state tell me not to forget to change my clock I just tell them don't worry I"ll forget.

Also I finished Force Unleashed 2, just like the first one it had both a light side and a dark side ending, and to follow Star Wars cannon, I would say the dark side ending would actually make it follow. Unlike the first game where it was the other way around, the light side ending actually left it open for another game in the series. I enjoyed the game on my PC even though my controller setting were screwed up. I was to lazy to use joy2key for it since I was already getting used to the setup, but if you liked the first Force Unleashed you should enjoy the second. Just keep in mind that it's a shorter game, and a bit easier then the first.

I did have to remind someone to clean out their computer today, not clean out as in desktop clean up and uninstall, I meant open it up and clean out the fracking thing. I'm sorry but when dirt is caked on the insides like I've seen them, I'm surprised the computer itself was still running. The amount of heat that can build up if the ventilation isn't working properly will destroy everything on the inside. Take this tip. If you don't remember when the last time you opened up the computer and took a can of compressed air to the fans and heatsink, it's more then likely time to do it now, and do it at least once ever 3-4 weeks from then on out. ALWAYS KEEP THE COMPUTER CLEAN!!!!! I don't want to have to fix it for you.....

And last but not least another Monty Python sketch. I've always loved Monty Python. Actually I watched Holy Grail when I was volunteering at the polls on Tuesday lol.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm done.....found the item that went on the one wall. It's a wrought iron piece of artwork, I just decided to pick up some flat black spray paint and paint it black. So now it doesn't have that rust looking color anymore. I kept thinking a Ansel Adams print, but I couldn't find the one I wanted, and all the ones I saw were way to big for that wall, this piece fits nicely. I found it at a place called Brass Armadillo here in Phoenix. That place still rocks. So much stuff there. Basically think of it as an antique and collectable store that people come in rent cases and such and put their stuff in it. There were a few antique Zippos I saw I was drooling over, and a couple Antique Safety Razors and straight Razors. Actually it looked like an entire shaving case lol, but here is what I chose. I took a pic in the mirror so you can get a better view of it.

So what do you think? I like to think I have some decent taste in things lol. And thanks to everyone who commented on the progression of the bathrooms, honestly, I didn't know if it was going to be worth it but it is now that everything is done.....well minus the pony wall which will be finished when the contractor gets back from Mexico. You really wouldn't know it wasn't done by looking at it, but it isn't lol.

Also I actually cleaned off my patio with all the tools and crap like that, so I have that back, I just don't have the backyard portion where all the old crap was placed, I'm tossing that out little by little each week till he comes back and we can get the big crap to the dump in his truck.

I decided to do something a bit different tonight. I'm actually writing this first and checking everyones blog after I'm done rather then the other way around. I don't know why. I just decided to do it lol.

Don't be surprised if you see me posting anything Monty Python, or Black Adder quite often....trust me the shits funny. You'll love it lol

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I decided......

Not to do the Celtic Cross on the one wall, it wouldn't match anything else in that bathroom.....I was looking forward to it, but after thinking about it for a bit I decided nah as much as I would like it it just wouldn't look right there. So, now back to something that will look good there. I'm thinking Ansel Adams print in a black frame......Here is everything I have in there now.

(Those aren't crooked, I just didn't hold my phone straight)

So yea, that's everything in there right now. If anyone has any ideas for the wall behind the door, (it's a decent size wall) let me know I'm thinking no bigger then 20x20. And it needs to be black and white or just black to go with everything else. I looked around a ton today....6 different stores and didn't finds anything I liked. Do you know what a pain int he ass it was to find a damn gray candle? lol

Onto something a little interesting, what are your thoughts of the MS  Kinect? I always figured playing video games you were meant to sit down, it everyone is trying to get into the flow with the Wii. Sony is doing the Move. which is a bit weird looking but I heard that it's more accurate then the Wii motion controllers. I still think Sony and MS are going to take a hit with these accessories. That's just me though.

And here is another combination of 2 of my favorite things Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who....ENJOY!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm looking for....

A black Celtic Cross, for the other bathroom now. I've looked around in different stores, nothing....so now I'm looking on line, and the closest thing I've found was this. I like it. Not to bad on price, I just need to look around and see if there are any other ones. What do you think? Remember this bathroom, I decided to go black white and gray with it.

So yea, that's what it looks like, it's going to go on the wall behind the door. I found another one on eBay, but 50 bucks is a bit much. I have everything else right now, minus the cross and the items for the top of the sink. Though I am thinking when the pony wall gets it's wooden top, that I would put something on that, though I haven't decided yet.

I will say this though. The bathroom looks cool.

I'm upset, SyFy canceled Caprica, because it wasn't getting the ratings they wanted. Well what do you expect when you switch the day from Friday to Tuesday and put wrestling on in it's place....Tehre is only 5 episodes left, and SyFy won't be airing them until next year, Those in Canada though with Space will be able to see the few remaining ones on Space.....if you want to record it and upload them for me that would be great! lol. Since I already can't find it on the usual site I go to.

Also if you're a geek you may want to look into the music of Jonathan Coulton. You may have heard of one of his songs, from the game Portal he did Still Alive., but in lieu of The Walking Dead, I decided to find his song Re: Your Brains mashed with Shaun of the Dead. Enjoy!


So, as some of you know, I worked the polls here in AZ. I love being a Democrat in a Republican state....but you know, I don't always vote my own party, hell I voted for Bush the first time around Then come the second time I wanted him out of office, and well that didn't happen and we saw another 4 years of him.....Oh well. What I don't get though, is I know people that smoke pot for recreational use, yet they voted against the Medical Marijuana act. I mean come on, seriously? You voted against it why? I mean at least voting it in could have paved the way for a recreational use law for you. Which unfortunately didn't pass in Cali. People also voted against our game and fishing laws, which would have made it a constitutional right for everyone on both......All the voted were in though and I was elected ruler of the world! Thanks for all those votes.....and prop 69 passed making it legal for you to stand in a shower and have an illegal immigrant touch you while pleasuring yourself to Hanson.

I did bring my laptop with me yesterday, but I really couldn't blog about anything or read through the blogs, so I apologize for that. I did however get through a ton of them today. Just not all of them, Starting tonight and tomorrow I'll be back on track with reading them normally like I always do. I do feel bad for the people who's wifi I was leaching off of, I decided to download a few things while I was there. Hopefully they don't get called by the MPAA lol.

And as you know the second bathroom was finished earlier in the week, so now I'm slowly getting it decorated.  I have a black and white print up (over the toilet) and black and white shower curtains in there. I'm trying to find black soap dispensers and crap like that, I'm thinking black hand towels, but I 'm still missing something on the other 2 walls. I was thinking of an Ansel Adams print on one of the empty walls. I'll figure it out, and when I do I'll post it.

I don't care what anyone says Zippos are the best lighters ever made.I own a few myself.....one older then I am, (used to be my fathers) and 3 that I've acquired over the years, I would still like to get more, and start up a collection like I have with shot glasses, They are just made to last, and if anything happens to it, you can send it into Zippo, or bring it down if you live close, and they will repair it free of charge for you. That's why I love them, lifetime guarantee, and hardly break. I actually had to send in one of mine to get fixed (The hinge started to get weird and looked like it was going to fall off) And mind you this was the Zippo I used all the time so I was a bit upset. But I sent it in, and about 4 weeks later, I got it back. New hinge and new insides along with a coupon for 20% off my next Zippo lighter purchase, and 2 free flints. That's American made for you....So if you smoke, I highly recommend using a Zippo..... lol

mmmm Green tea. That is all on that subject.

One last thing before I go for now....I was bored one day so I made, this.....but I'm sure everyone's heard.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tired, so very tired.....

I have no clue why. All I know is if I forgot to hit your blog today I apologize, and that tomorrow I might not hit them at all since I'm working the election polls here in AZ. I'm brining my laptop this time around, because at least last time, I got someones unsecured wifi on my iPhone when I was there, and checked again tonight at the setup meeting and still got it. So I might be able to check out some blogs tomorrow.

You know what, I do know why I'm so tired, all this stress from the 2 bathrooms, and now that it's finally over, I might lose that stress and actually get some sleep.

Also for those of you interested in Zombies, AMC just started their series based of the comic book, The Walking Dead, check it out you wont be disappointed! I mean come on how can you be at a weekly show about zombies?

Well since I gotta get up at 5ish in the morning to head out tot he polls, I'll leave you with this.

And yes that is the voice of Elmira from Tiny Toon adventures.....

Well it's about damn time....

The bathroom is finally finished! Now I just need to pick up all the crap for it, shower curtain ect....I figured he would have finished it yesterday. I just wasn't keeping my hopes up just in case lol.

So, that's it on that project. Nothing new is going to be happening till after the new year.....cant handle anymore work going on lol. I think next I'll be getting new carpeting in the bedrooms. The rest of the house minus the living room bedrooms and family room is tile, and in all honesty, the bedrooms need new carpeting...but that's going to be a pain in the ass to move everything out specially the room where I have all my collectibles and office lol.

Also what have I been seeing with Adbrite, and Google Adwords? can someone explain those to me? I'm seeing those more then normal ads, and they slow browsers down a bit lol.

I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! Now that Halloween is over, all the Christmas stuff is being put out....well actually some stores had BOTH the Halloween and Christmas decorations up....blah. Well look at it this way, when I decorate the outside of my house, I'll take pics for you. I set that up the week of Thanksgiving in order to be able to turn on all the lights on Thanksgiving. Here in Phoenix it doesn't snow. but that doesn't stop us from putting up lights and decorations for the holiday spirit. I figure even though I'm Pagan there is nothing stopping me from decorating....Yule is our Christmas.and it's a few days before. It's a celebration of the Winter equinox.