Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm alive......

Well sorta, I've been really busy this last week, making sure I have everything set at work, since I won't be there at all next week. So I set up remote assistance on each of the systems incase I need to work on something from home.

Anyways I'm here to let you know the winner of the contest got her gifts today! I just got the e-mail:

"Yay she got the gifts!! Thank you so much!! She loved them! She let me keep the ______ and the _____ because well she didn't have any idea what they were lol but! She loved the ______! She said it was "so pretty!" :) and the _____ was awesome! My mom isn't much of a drinker but she loves old looking decorations so I think she will display it proudly. I will try and get some pictures to send you, but just wanted to say, thank you so much and you really succeeded on spreading a little joy around :) "

Yes I left some of that blank so I can show you what was sent out :P

 I'm glad I was able to do something for someone.....even though the gifts in her eyes may have been a bit strange lol. You should see the smile on my face when I read the e-mail though. Happy Holidays to both you and your mom though!

And now for the pics......I'll put the original pic along with the unwrapped pic :P

So the first pic on down, a Arizona Shotglass, Pokemon limited edition Pikachu 24k gold plated card with Pokeball, Flask with funnel (new, never used :P ), Gaming dice, and a handmade Pedobear box art.

And thank you to everyone who sent in an e-mail do get in on this. I'll be posting most of them in the future and telling you which was about to win before I got this one!

Also just a heads up I may not write much or all until the holidays are over, but rest assured I am reading everyones posts, though I may not be commenting as much as I would like, I'll try to comment at least until I start writing more.

Monday, December 13, 2010

And we have a winner.....

Thanks to all those who participated....all 6 of you :) I was hoping to have more, but 6 is better then none. :P I pretty much had my winner chosen yesterday morning, until I received my final entrant.  Trust me when I say this though, picking a winner was no easy choice, and this e-mail if it's real or not really got to me. I'll be contacting you shortly to get shipping info. Just to let everyone know though, If I don't get a response by tomorrow night to my e-mail I will go with my runner up. For everyone else though here is the winning e-mail.

At the risk of sounding like a sob story I would like to tell you a little about me.  My family is HUGE.  My parents went through a nasty divorce and my mother ended up working two jobs.  Then she remarried a seemingly great guy, he was wealthy, took care of her and he seemed great.  Then things got weird, he pretty much went insane and ended up killing himself this past month.  My mother was left with a house and two cars that wernt payed off, and to top it off, he had alot of unpaid debt she didnt even know about.  Why am I telling you about all this you may wonder? I know whatever you send will not be a million dollars or anything.  And honestly I could never expect anything of value.  But If you did choose me, I would give you my mothers address,( I hope that's allowed) And I would love to see the look on her face as she receives a little special something in the mail, regardless of if its a card or..well..anything.  She would know that someone out there, knows her story and cares about her.  That she isn't alone.  I know all that sounds cheesy and lame but believe me, she is a very sentimental and caring person.  Anything helps :)  

Well Anon, I hope your mother likes the gifts. Though I doubt she'll have any use for any of them. I do hope they bring her a little bit of joy right now. I just hope she isn't freaked out about receiving a box of presents from someone she doesn't know :) lol

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry for lack of posts this weekend......

Got busy lol. Though I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the last night you can enter to win my secret Santa Box O' goodies!

Just send me an e-mail by following this link and reading the rules! Good luck all I'll be choosing a winner early tomorrow and letting everyone know what the winning e-mail was.

Friday, December 10, 2010

lol cute.......

I just got trolled. I checked my Secret Santa e-mail and got this

touche el troll touche!