Thursday, October 14, 2010

You know what I love....

About living in Arizona. Fall to winter time is pretty awesome. Not to cold and not hot till about Mid to late December. I mean right now outside it's like 77. Unfortunately later it will be in the 90's They are saying 97ish today, but even when the temp has been that hot lately it doesn't actually feel like it.

I'm telling you I keep on getting more and more excited for Force Unleashed II here is another TV spot for it

I dont' know what actually drew my into this particular series in the extended universe, but I'm glad it did, it's badass.

Been up since 5 and I'm still not awake, how do any of you wake up? Usually with me it standing outside with my energy drink and cigarette. (Which I haven't done yet, and pretty much should get my ass in gear.)

hmm clicky clicky? >>

This makes me go awww, I wonder if my toys ever did this when I was a kid growing up lol.

You don't need a rhyme scheme to actually write lol. I figured I haven't posted one of these in a while.

How complete is your soul?
Do you think you know?
Have you ever really looked,
Or just assumed?
You think your happy,
Then the moment is gone.
Forever changing minds.
Forever knowing souls.
Trinkets of being.
We search for the moment.
Looking through and through.
Visions of friends,
Passion and fantasy.
All are shattered.
Like a giant mirror,
Reflecting a thousand of your faces.
Which is you?
Can you choose?
Or are you entranced by the sight?
Never moving ahead.
Never looking back.
Always divided of self and soul.
Make your choice.
Do not be afraid.
Rebuild your mirror.
Your self and soul.
And await the next shattering.
The next moment of reflection.


  1. damn taht was a nice intro :) i woudl try that game

  2. I bought the first Force Unleashed and it was pretty fun, but I regret paying $60 for it. Games nowadays really have to be something special to warrant the $60 price tag right out of the gate.

  3. Theres always a strange crispy ness in the air.. cant quite put my finger on it, just the atmosphere that makes it awesome =D

  4. DANG the game looks sweet!!! and also dawww at the toy...

  5. Perfect post!

  6. Game looks awesome! I just wish I could play it.

  7. That doesn't sound bad at all. Our summer just ended with a drop from 80s to 50s. :( Looking forward to the -20s in the Midwest.... /wrist.

  8. To really wake up I need to take a bath, if I dont Im just like a zombie

  9. Your climate sounds lovely!
    That picture makes me go aww as well :D