Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poetry....or something like it.

Written sometime in 2000 I think. I have a lot like these....I know I have 1 more short story to share. THough my writing is pretty mediocre I liked it, and still do.

I stand within the depth of night,
With history of curses,
And listen to a mockingbird
Sing out his sordid verses
His violent words provoking me
Ringing in my ears
Till pain and hurt and evil things
Are all that I can hear
The torture of his scorching words
Pounds into my heart
As though he long had studied it
As a form of art
He taunts and scares and beckons me
With words of angry fire
Until the chance of killing him
Is all that I desire
The horror drives me to extremes
I grab the shining knife
And raise it high above my head
About to end his life
I stare at him, he stares at me
As he sings his song
And I wonder what, for him, on earth
Could have gone so wrong?
I look into his sorrowed eyes
And realize that he sings
Not to hurt and frighten me
But for other things
I gently sat beside the bird
And sang with him his tune
And here we sit together, now
Awaiting desperate dooms


  1. I always hate it when poets try to make a deep poem without iambic pentameter or rhyme scheme. Nice to see someone who balances it out.

    Good read!

  2. Scary thing is, I have some of those too lol.

  3. very nice form. don't downplay your abilitites! It was'nt mediocre at all

  4. That was actually pretty good. You should post some more, I'm interested now.

  5. I liked it a lot. Please continue writing!