Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Or like me if you're Pagan, Happy Samhain!

Just a quicky today on the bathroom.....paints up light fixtures up, baseboards are soon to be up. Then the Vanity, toilet and morror and the bathroom should be done!!!!! Hoping that it's all done today. I don't see any reason why it wont be. The paint dried fast. You can barley see the light gray looks awesome and you'll be like wtf is that gray or white? Once everything is done I'll post pics.

Last night was enjoyable. Didn't plan on going out, but Beavis, myself and his cousin went to a Halloween party. It was pretty cool, just kicking back drinkng and talking. Though I didn't know anyone cept 1 I really enjoyed myself. Pineapple cake shots, some Guinness and some Pipeline Porter (it's a coffee beer and was awesome)

Anyways enough of me, I leave you with some nostalgia from the Worst Witch! Tim Curry rules!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oooooooo drool.

I got Force Unleashed 2 for the PC....well I downloaded it, but will more then likely buy it because I'm enjoying it so much. My issue with PC games is I like to use a controller. And since I don't own an XBox I use a PS2 controller hooked up by USB. Problem with that is, the controller is all screwed up, the game doesnt recognize it as a PS2 controller and sees it as an XBox, but the controls are screwed up, aaaaand I can't edit it myself... So, I've been playign with most of my options ass backwards. Oh well I'll live I guess. I am loving the game though :) Anyone have any ideas on how to edit my controller in Win7 to make the buttons as I want them. I was going to try Joy2Key but that program is so old.

Not much to report on the bathroom front (so no pics). Only pics are of the grout and the tile looking dirty because of it lol.... The grout was put in yesterday, and the rest of the tile. Right now, he is cleaning the tile, will be sealing it, then texturing the areas that need it let that dry a bit, then paint it! So close so close. if the paint dries fast enough he is hoping to get the vanity in today. Come on paint, dry fast enough! lol

Not going to do anything tonight as in Halloween party wise. More then likely just going to go next door for some drinking and reminiscing lol

Now something a bit on the holiday side. Enjoy!

Walt Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Friday, October 29, 2010

No time for the old in out love......

.....I've just come to read the meter!

Now if you can tell me where that's from and who said it, I'll give you 3 brownie points good for absolutley nothing!

Anyways, bathrooms looking good, the tile is getting laid down. The tub is fully in drywall is up, and covering the gap that you saw in the previous pics. I'll be so happy when this is done. The amount of dust that it's bringing out from the drywall is driving me nuts. Who wants to clean my house for me after it's all done? Which if things go smoothly it will be done Sunday. That's if things go smoothly lol. I'm just getting tired of running to ACE hardware for small stuff lol, Yesterday I think I went 4 times. They know me by name now. But I thought I would show you how it's looking!

He had to stop laying the tile, because he didn't want to screw it up by walking all over it, so most of it was down last night except a few pieces. He'll be finishing that up today, he should also be moving the drain you see in the first pic to the left for the sink.He moved the piping for the shower head up about 3 inches so not to destroy the top of the shower wall. He could have lowered it, but that would have sucked lol.

Like I said, it's looking good, and I CANT wait till it's done.

Instead of a cartoon today (which I though hard about what one to put) I've decided to give you a reading of perhaps one of the best authors that ever lived (I consider him right below Shakespeare.) And as much as I loved Vincent Price's reading of this one. I have to say John De Lancie (aka Q from Star Trek) did a great job at reading Edgar Allen Poes The Raven.

So enjoy it as much as I did! And pick up a book for the goddess' sake!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'd like to think.....

That I'm not racist. You know I make the jokes from time to time, then again, I make them on my own heritage. My mom is an immigrant from Portugal my father was either 2st or second generation born in the states, he was Italian and Irish. I mean if you crack the jokes about your own heritage as well as others and it's all in fun, does that make you racist? I don't use the derogatory names that people use for other races. I bring this up because the game I play Cabal Online our version North America, just merged with with Global. Meaning we have an influx of Spanish speakers who are now flooding a entire English speaking base with Spanish posts. Is it to much to ask if you want help to post in English on the English forums? More then 3/4 of us don't speak Spanish and those that do don't post on the forums. I even made a suggestion to the GM's to add a Spanish speaking part of the forums just for them, because we have a bunch of morons who like to flame anyone who doesn't speak English, or who doesn't speak it well. I at least figured if a section was just for those that spoke Spanish that there would be less flaming....I mean does my suggestion and way of thinking imply racism?

WEnt over to Beavis's yesterday then to his cousins for a drink. Grape Tilt rules! Why haven't you added him yet to your following list so he can add you back? Chop Chop people He's lonely!

Also, the Tub/shower is in in the bathroom, that took a good portion of yesterday to get the old tub and walls out, redo plumbing, add support studs for the new wall. Just a lot of work went into it to get this.

I think it looks good well a lot better then the 30+ year old tub/shower that was there, I can't wait to see the finished bathroom......

Anyways, I'll leave you this morning with the final Of Tomorrow cartoons from Tex Avery.....I knwo there are others out there that Iwill post. Just need to find out which ones.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm telling ya.....

There are no greater cartoons then the old school ones. I don't care what anyone says. You like Anime? Thats fine knowing it all looks the same and the story lines are the same. Hey I like some Anime too....I'll admit it, but I would choose cartoons from the 50's and 60's over Anime any day, and this is why

I know that there are a few more Tex Avery cartoons like these floating around the web, I just need to find them all.

But here are the pics I promised from last night. The first pic you can see where the old light was and where the new one will be. The second pic you can see the new copper tubing for the water, he will also be moving the drain (the long pipe) where the other pipes are for the sink. And the 3rd pic was where the wall was and is no a pony wall, and where the electrical outlet is now. (it used to be where the pony wall was)

Found a nice light gray to go with the tile picked out. So it should look good.

I'm also trying to figure out why all the blogs I follow aren't showing up in my dashboard with the new posts....maybe I should try google reader? I'm just trying to make following everyone easy on me so I don't open 200+ blogs and half of them arent updated....anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Horse walks into a bar....

Sits down, orders a drink bartender asks, hey partner, why the long face? *rimshot*

So my buddy Beavis (I've mentioned him) started a blog. You should follow him and he'll do the same for you. His blog is here.    I'm trying to work with him on the teaching of working with a blog and it's...followers and spreading the love....

More work was done on the bathroom, some welding of the new piping, electrical outlet moved, light balast moved, more wall taken apart. Still trashed but getting there. He actually took the week off from work (using vacation days before he loses them so he'll get paid for vacation and for the bathroom) seems like he wants to get this done in a reasonable amount of time. By the looks of it it might get done late this week to early next week. Which would be pretty awesome. I'm not going to post pics till tomorrow morning, since I forgot to take them tonight and there is no good light in there lol.

So Beavis and I were having a drink out in my back yard, and realised as much as we like King of the Hill. Both Hank and Peggy are fracking retards, she thinks she's a genius, he calls propane his mistress. There is just something really wrong with those 2. Hell I think Dale is more sane then they are., and he's the conspiracy theorist.

Also for those of you interested in The Walking Dead (a zombie show) on AMC when it comes out on the 31'st the Pilot is out on the torrents a week early. I downloaded it but haven't watched it yet, when I do watch it however I will let you know what I thought.

Peace out interwebs.

Man walks into a bar.....


I told you that pic was disturbing, so I apologize to all blind people and Catholic Priests....

Not much to write about on the bathroom front. He started tearing out the one wall to make a pony wall. He also cut through the Sheetrock where the sink is going to go to make sure he would be able to center the new vanity when it's ready to be put in. Since he has a truck, he and I went to Lowes last night, and actually picked up the vanity and top so other then for small crap and the paint we have everything. I'm going to go look at more paint colors after I give blood this morning. I'm thinking a light gray. I haven't' decided yet, but that's what I'm leaning towards.

So yea, I took today off because of the ghouls at the blood bank. It's weird they love taking my blood, but for some reason when I go in and ask for a withdrawal they look at me funny. They tend to really like my blood since I'm O+, and my blood can be given to everyone except the O-'s, yet I can only receive blood from O+ and O-, so since there is always a shortage of O+ and O-, I think I just might be fucked if I ever needed to receive blood lol. Also I only give 3 times a year, because what I give they call power red, it a double donation where they give me my plasma back....when they give the plasma back I feel weird, cold, and can test iron in my mouth lol.

I'll leave you with 2 things before I head another cartoon and another flier design I did.

I'm telling you they don't make cartoons like this anymore. I wish they did, I mean a lot of the cartoons from the 80's are still good but they started declining near the end of them...but still are nothing compared to old school Tex Avery

And the Flier design and tickets I did....I don't know what happened with the VIP passes for this one. I'll have to look at the print ups, these were the JPG's I made right after the design itself was done and sent out for printing, and yes you read that right I'm actually on the lineup as one of the DJ's. For awhile I actually spun trance, and didn't do that bad of a job at it. Kind of weird to see a metal head up at the technics mk1200's spinning trance.... There's another flyer I did that I'll show later on where I was in the headline too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It happened again lol

Remember how I said that yesterday was going to be spent taking out the old tub and walls? Yea, that didn't happen. After we got back from Home DEpot picking up all the tile and everything else, (minus the vanity and top) The crazy woman was back crying to part was she decided to get on hr knees and cry to me, I told her I don't speak Spanish and get up cause you look like a fool. It's funny he left her and now it seems like she's stalking him. I told him if she comes up like that again on my property, I will call the cops on her, he said no problem. So, what he is planning on doing is taking the rest of the week off from work (if they let him) and work on the bathroom  then and his normal times.So either way you look at it, he'll get paid by his work and by me. Hopefully he can get the week off if not. It will be after he gets out of work.

So I decided to post that pic of my buddy Rusty that I mentioned the other day. Remember you click on the link at your own risk, because well yea, it can't be unseen!

Click for disturbing pic! lol

I didn't want to add the pic on the blog itself because of children and those with sensitive stomachs lol.

I also felt a bit nostalgic in my old age, and started goin g through Youtube for cartoons I remember as a kid. And though this wasn't made when I was a kid, I always remember seeing it on TV.

Enjoy! (There's nothing like the old style Tex Avery cartoons!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Took a smal break....

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! My BDay wasn't that bad, just kind of boring, went over to a friends house after work and got pretty buzzed. (He couldn't go out that night so that was the best he could do and it was great)

I actually went through the last 24 hours of posts of people I follow, rather then sorry if I didn't comment on your Fridays posts! lol.

Last night we went to a Halloween party. And realized that I love Halloween because women can dress up like whores look good and no one will judge them for that night. There were some good looking women there too lol. Unfortunately I couldn't get my actual costume since it was hiding in my spare bedroom behind everything from my old bathroom lol. So I had a mask that I wore lol. One of my friends Rusty showed up as a hooker, and his woman was his pimp...kind of scary I took a pic of it but am kind of scared to post it...because what has been seen can not be unseeeeeeeen.

So now that my master bathroom is done, I had him start on the main house bathroom lol. Here it is with most of the stuff out. The tub is being taken out today, it's going to be a bit more difficult to take pics since it's a bigger bathroom, so bare with me while I'm doing it lol.

The tile came up easily, since they just tiled over the old linoleum.....not a bright idea but helped in the removing lol.

I'll leave with with this.....the scary part is, I still have a Compaq II portable lol

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Got almost 2 hours....

Till I get old. I turn 32 tomorrow.......yea what happened with my 20's I know for more then half of them I did a lot of drugs, but I sobered up on my own....wth happened to the rest of them?

I'm thinking about going to the bar at midnight just to have a birthday drink. I haven't decided yet. Not like anyone else can go with lol. Then tomorrow looks like everyone is busy or can't do anything. Kind of sucks spent last year home on my B-day lol. It wasn't that bad.

And thanks to everyone who responded to my last post I pretty much did everything that was mentioned before posting. I even hooked up my router and tried going through WiFi on my iPhone and still got's weird I dunno.

Want to see weird though? I jacked this from nother friends blog....I couldn't stop watching it even though I was like WTF....

Thought I would leave you with a song, cheers me up when I'm depressed. (I actually forgot about it till someone posted it on their blog) I actually think I still have this on vinyl somewhere. Just like my Beatles White Album that should be worth a fortune if I can find it....

Question for you techies....

I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable with computers, not as some, but above average at least. The other day one of my rainmeter plugins messed up, or I thought it did. Then when I went to the website that it links to ( it came up as a time out error. So I was like ok Ventrilo's website is down. Waited a day same thing. Then decided to go through both a VPN and a proxy, and what do you know Ventrilo came up.

What would be causing my IP from, well blocking my system, I don't have a router up so I really can't do any DNS tweaking, nor do I have an MTU tweaks going on.

My firewall and AV are off so no conflicts there. Any ideas from other geeks?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The bathroom is fully done! Now it's just adding all the little crap, Shower curtain, that kind of crap, and talking with Ricardo, he's going to start on the main bathroom this coming weekend. And he should be done by Thanksgiving, and like the master bath I will put up pics of the work, and how it's coming along. But here are the finished master bath pics!

I think that's about it under pics for now......but for now I leave you with a background, since I'm to tired to think of what else to write....besides Man vs. Food rules!

Just a tease.....

Yea, for those of you actually interested here is just a tease. I'm not taking anymore pics until the bathroom is cleaned up. meaning all the crap is out of there. I was contemplating on getting a shower door, then I was like na, to much cleaning required, so I called up my mom, and asked her about specific curtains, she has an idea on what to do, and use 2 curtains, not a bad idea, the normal shower curtain can be pushed to the side so you can still see the tile shower.

With no further adieu, and no more lallygagging, here's the light fixture.....wa wa waaaaaa

Just the light fixture, the mirror goes in tonight, then technically it will be done lol.

I hope this song gets stuck in your head, I remember seeing this growing up lol.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Everything's in. The sink is working not leaking, toilet, and shower, nothing leaking. The light is in too.... It looks good. Now all he has left is the touchups, the caulking on sink, and the mirror above the vanity. Technically I can use it tonight if I want, but I'll start using it when its all done tomorrow night. No pics though, I figured, you'll get the pics when it's all done as of tomorrow.

Now I'm debating if I want to get the main bath done now, or just wait till after the new year.

I want one of my energy drinks....bnt it's to late and I wouldn't get to like I sleep anyways. I just lie in bed for hours staring at the ceiling until I finally pass out. For the longest time I was on Ambien and seruqeul for sleep, and th efunny thing seroquel is an anti psychotic lol. Awesome to put me on that for sleep, but stopped taking both on account of I was becoming addicted to both. No I don't have an addictive  personality.

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel but with pics of the bathroom. :P

Monday, October 18, 2010

So damn close....

Yet so damn far....

As you can see, everything is in, 1 problem.....fracking plumbing, would have been done today if it weren't for the damn pipe from the sink to the wall. The one that empties the wate from the sink itself......damnit damnit damnit

But needless to say everything looks good, the vanity looks awesome in it. Damn Would have looked even better with the mirror in it, here are the newest pics.

I'm telling you all that's left is the piping on the sink and touchup work......fracking 30+ year old house is messing with me, it really is.

Also I'm hoping those of you that watched that video I posted are going to have spidercow nightmares :) I told you it was a weird video, but for some reason really cool. Bet if I still took drugs it would have been cooler

And no I will not play Minecraft! All you addicts on that game need help lol.

Today is the day......

The bathroom will be finished! As you can see by the pics, the painting is done, trimming/baseboards are done, all thats left is the toilet, vanity and mirror, light fixture and that gets done today. Then whatever little touchups that need to be done. I think he's done a good job with the time he has between school and his normal job.

So if you remember I talked about the window you see and how it was going to be a shelving unit again. well because of the previous owner of the house screwing it up, that didn't happen, and I left that space open. Actually I think I like it like this, it makes the bathroom look a bit bigger in my opinion. I also think the natural light the window is giving looks good.

Also I think I'm going to try Chantix to quit smoking. I'm going to see how much it's going to be under my medical insurance, if they will even cover it. I don't see why they wouldn't since I'm trying to improve my health. Then again it is the insurance company and they may say it's 'experimental' I keep anyone interested on that updated when I go to my practitioner.

For now I leave you with weirdness. I don't know why but I love this video, it's just soooooo odd.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Furball of doom....

Is what I'm calling that cat, I go over to feed it last night, it follows me and hisses. So being brave I try to pet it knowing I'm going to wind up with claw marks. Needless to say the furball of doom, has been declawed. I'm sorry thats just an inhumane thing to do to any animal. It's basically amputation. I think I'll ask her how would she like it if I cut off the tips of her fingers......I mean I like cats, but I don't love them as much as dogs, I just think it was wrong to declaw it.

Yea, I know smoking is bad for my health yea I know I spend to much money on it monthly. Just not as much as everyone else in the states lol. Has anyone tried those e-cigarettes to quit? And did they work? I've thought about quitting, and I've tried cold turkey, and well that didnt' turn out all to well. So if you have any ideas on a decent way to quit let me know. I'm up for suggestions. Also yes our cig boxes have warnings but they are small and on the side of the pack.

But I gotta run, I'm behind on taking care of a bunch of shit I was supposed to do today that I didn't yesterday lol.

I'll leave you with a background though!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How would you?

Get a hissing furball to stop hissing at you?

I'm watching a friends cat...well I shouldn't say watching, I'm going over to her place to feed it and her rabbit, the damn cat hisses and looks like it's about to kill me every time I go in....I think it's declawed so no worries of getting scratched. I was just curious what you would do.

Can anyone read this? I sure as hell know I can't I get my cigarettes from out of country. Hell I would rather pay 15 bucks per carton and for shipping then 50 bucks per carton here in Arizona. I pay 68 bucks for 3 cartons with shipping.
I noticed they seem to taste better then the US ones too. I dunno, maybe it's my imagination.

So the texture is up in the bathroom, painting should be on it's way today, then the vanity mirror, and toulet should be in tomorrow!. Bout time I miss my bathroom lol.I'll take pics after it's painted, then once everything is in.You really can't see the texture, so I didn't bother taking pics of it.

Anyways I'm off for now. See you on the flip side.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well well well.....

I'm heading out so no giant post tonight. I have noticed 3 different blogs I follow threw up slayer today, and well I'm about to as well. I saw Slayer last year at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Cannibal Corpse, Marilyn Manson, All that Remains Killswitch Engage, Black Dahlia Murders. The show ROCKED, and here is one of the songs in Slayers set.

End of the week....

It's about damn time too. Fridays for me are usually slow, just for the fact I've finished everything I needed to do the day before. Mainly my paperwork from the week, and that isn't even that difficult, I'm the one that implemented it lol.

I figured I wouldn't bore you with the bathroom today, since I forgot yesterday the guy who is doing it had school, so he should be back later today to work on it....I'm still hoping this weekend it gets done.

I'm curious, how do you check up on your followers? Rather then opening 150+ pages of blogs, I just go through the dashboard and see the newest posts on the right hand side, that ended from where I last looked. For awhile I was doing the 150+ opening tabs all at once, but then I realized not everyone is posting. Kind of depressing, but eh, they have lives lol.

I figured I would leave you this for's addictive, and a great time waster.

Robot Unicorn Attack | Free games with

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm just so tired for a change, I guess my body is catching up with the lack of sleep I got last night......may have been about 3 hours. I usually get 5ish. I dont' sleep much so my body is used to little sleep, but 3 hours, I think is just to much for it as is. So I will be cutting this short tonight, maybe I need more caffeine, maybe I need less, I dunno, I just love my caffeine lol. But I'll just leave you with this.

It kind of freaked me out, but I still laughed at it....I'm going to hell aren't I? lol

EMBED-How to Untangle MP3 Headphones - Watch more free videos

Don't forget it's all fun and games till someone taunts Cthulhu then all hell breaks loose.

My PSA for the millenium.

Everything here is my opinion, if you don't agree with it well that's tuff, and I'm happy for you. Also I made this pretty basic for everyone to understand if they actually wanted to read through it. Just to make you laugh before the wall of text here's something to make you smile. Remember there is more after the video!

Clicky clicky? >>

You know what I love....

About living in Arizona. Fall to winter time is pretty awesome. Not to cold and not hot till about Mid to late December. I mean right now outside it's like 77. Unfortunately later it will be in the 90's They are saying 97ish today, but even when the temp has been that hot lately it doesn't actually feel like it.

I'm telling you I keep on getting more and more excited for Force Unleashed II here is another TV spot for it

I dont' know what actually drew my into this particular series in the extended universe, but I'm glad it did, it's badass.

Been up since 5 and I'm still not awake, how do any of you wake up? Usually with me it standing outside with my energy drink and cigarette. (Which I haven't done yet, and pretty much should get my ass in gear.)

hmm clicky clicky? >>

This makes me go awww, I wonder if my toys ever did this when I was a kid growing up lol.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The previous owner of this house.....

Needs to die a horrible screaming death. Usually I don't wish ill on people, but when he did the original additions to this bathroom he screwed it up, so had to change my plans a bit lol.

The tile and grout has been sealed, and the ad-don cabinet was torn apart. Well when that cabinet was added they did a piss poor job, and the guy that working on mine basically said without ripping apart the entire wall and fixing it, I can't add the new cabinet I wanted. So I just told him to cover the old crap, and rather then a cabinet I'll keep it open. with the stained glass window it will actually give the bathroom a bit of natural light, and might make it look bigger. So that's changed, which might set the bathroom being done by a day, maybe not if he works fast enough. Well once he closed that out makes it look good he'll texture the ceiling and in there (the hole) then paint the walls and in there. I would hope it doesn't take more then a day to do all that, but knowing my luck it much for wishful thinking. But it will save me a couple of hundred bucks because of the wood for it!

You can see where the old shelves were on the left, and the plastic down on the right.

Adult swim came out with Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal edition!!!!! I have no idea why, but I'm addicted to RUA on my iPhone, so I just had to get the Heavy Metal edition too. Showed it to my buddy, he's just like what the fuck.....I told him it's awesome, that's all you need to know.

And for some stupid reason I want to play Final Fantasy IX again..... Someone help me then again I did like the storyline.... Well at least it's not X2.....


mmmm Energy drinks bright and early....I know they aren't good for me, but they are just SOOOO damn good.

My birthday is coming up.....who wants to get me The Force Unleashed II for the PS3? Anyone? anyone? *crickets* Guess that answers my question. I'm not a big expanded universe fan, though I have read some of the comics and a few books, played a few of the games, and come to the conclusion in the expanded universe I preferred the Force Unleashed storyline and game play. I thought it was an awesome game, great story, awesome ending(s) I say endings because there are 2, I'm not going to spoil it for you at all. Play the damn game, and watch both endings. The dark side ending screws up the SW universe while the Light side ending brings it full circle.

I haven't really read a whole lot into Force Unleashed II for the face I don't want to ruin the story for myself, all I have gotten from the trailers is Starkiller (the protagonist) is a clone from the original. That's all I'll leave it at that for myself. Take a look at one of the newest trailers and see what you think.

*Edit* Fixed the videos so it's all youtube. Hopefully everyone can watch now.

And here is one that got me excited lol.

And what they hell is it with people calling me during the shows I watch? lol Can't you bug me the next day?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling a bit nostalgic....

Thanks to one of the blogs I follow. He had up Guns N Roses, Don't Cry. It was an awesome song when it came out, and it's an awesome song to this day. So I thought I would share with my followers. This was when GnR was still good, (even though Axl was a bad drunk.) I miss the real GnR

I forgot how much I missed Stargate Universe and Caprica until tonight. My buddy called said come over and drink, said I can't I'm busy lol, I download the shows earlier then when they would be on here since AZ is on PST right now. at the end of the month when the rest of the US changes, of course we don't and it just fucks up all times for different things, Pisses me off.

Those of you that commented about Bill Murray in GB3, your right, it isn't GB without him, and doubt I would see it if he wasn't in it. Most people didn't like GB2 but I did, it was just entertaining, yea cheesy in a lot of parts but still a fun popcorn movie.

I'll leave you with 2 things tonight though, a desktop and something after the break.....

Still waiting.....

On the Ghostbusters 3 movie, Dan Akroid and Harold Ramis have already written it. The studios want it rewritten they've basically told the studios no that's not happening. The thing now is will BIll Murray actually take part in it. because without Murray none of them will do it. That includes director Ivan Reitman.

And did anyone not know that Michael J Fox, wasn't the original Marty in Back to the Future? No you thought he was? Nope that would have been Eric Stoltz. For those of you old enough to remember Eric Stoltz played Rocky Dennis along side of Cher in Mask in 1985...I think it was 1985. Most recently he was in the Butterfly Effect, but even more recently he plays Daneiel Graystone in Caprica.

Enough of my movie geek coming out. For those curious, ye the Mana and Health potions are consumable. (Honestly they taste like crap) And I refuse to open those 2 in the pic from my previous post. IT's like my bag of Blood....I had one that I tried the other stays closed. At least the Blood pack tasted better then I thought it would lol.

The grout is don in the bathroom! Today when I get home, I need to grab the paint out of my back yard shed, and set that out for him when he gets here so he can do the painting. I think he might actually be putting the baseboards on too. THough I'm not sure, well since I doubt the painting will take long, I'm sure he's going to want to run to either Lowes or Home Depot to pick up some wood for the cabinet doors. I guess I'll find that out when he's here. He's skipping school to do this since he usually has school on Tuesday I told him, I told him school was more important, and I didn't mind what happened on Sunday. Of course he didn't listen. I thin khe just felt really bad about this weekend.

Here's the grouted tile. Looks kind of dirty yea, he'll be removing all the extra crap on the tile today. Not that difficult take a sponge or something wet it down and wipe it off. He wanted to do it last night but I told him no lol it was almost 10pm, and he needed to be at his normal job at 5 am. (He's works construction)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yup yup.....

SO the guy is grouting the bathroom as I type this. He put up the ceiling texture. I'll take a pic later. Tomorrow he should be painting and putting on the baseboards, (thats if he isn't going to school) I should say this is all going to be done Thursday or Friday....thats wishful thinking but, I'll just hope, all I know is it's going to look damn good with the vanity. Wish I could have found a mirror I really liked with a wrought iron frame. That wasn't going to happen though.

I found out they made another sequel to The Lost Boys. The first sequel The Tribe, sucked ass, and was just an embarrassment that they put on that name. This one called The Thirst, was a hell of a lot better then the Tribe, I am glad though that it was but straight to DVD. Really quick synopsis, The Frog brothers from the first movie are back fighting bloodsuckers. That's all you get from me. I did some research after I watched it and found out that Corey HAim was supposed to be in it too, but yea, his death sort of killed that off. (pun intended) I mean I could tell you what the story said about Haims character Sam, but you know you should really watch the craptacular movie that is the Tribe and you would know what happens.

One of these days though I am going to make me one of these.....just make a shadow box in the wall for it. It will be awesome. I know it's a bit old,(the pic) but I loved Shawn of the Dead.
Also I finally got my Health Potion to complete my set, not I have both the Mana and the Health.
And last but not least, Have another background. :P

I was thinking....

I want a new piercing, I'm thinking the labret. For those of you unfamiliar with labret piercing let me show you.

Screw the ball, I don't want balls near my mouth lol (instant rimshot) I want a spike. The ones (labret piercings) that you see that are higher up, go through the lip, doubles (one on each side) personally I think those suck. With me piercings need to be wide enough to close incase I didn't want them in the future, My ears have been pierced forever,  8guage in the lobes, and a 14 in the cartridge. Ok this is one of my ears.
Now, these will actually close if I want them to. I'm sure if I gauged the lobes to a 6 or a 4 they would still close, it would just take a longer time.  One of these days though I'll find the artist I like for the ink I want done on my back, yea other artists can more then likely do it, but when it's as big as what I want going on my back, I want to make sure I've found the artist myself and have seen pieces of theirs that have done a large piece. Then I want to see how their work hold up after a few years, so basically I need to know an artist personally lol. HEll if the artist that did my left arm still lived in Arizona, I would have him do it.....

So, one of my friends recently got a new pair of glasses, you know the thick framed nerd girl glasses. I told her those make her look hotter lol. I don't know as much as I love my tattooed and pierced girls. I love the nerdy gamer ones too. I think a girl who can kick my ass in a fighting game, watch Monty Python, Sci-Fi, horror, cartoon, and some anime might win my heart lol.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nothing got done on the bathroom today, when I was about to leave, the guy who's doing all the remolding GF showed up out of no where. The funny part, they live in Mesa, me in North Phoenix, that a good 40 minute drive, and to top it all off she had someone else drive her up here. just for an argument, I didn't bother asking what was going on, he apologized and said he needs to take her home, I was like I understand no worries. (needs to dump her if she's like that)

So that answers a few of your comments asking if I was doing the bathroom myself, that would be a no, I can find and fix my way through a computer but no way in hell remodeling.

Anyways, I thought I would share my Companion Cube <3 I got it from a friends mother who's computer I worked on. She's a seamstress and asked if I wanted her to make me something so after thinking about it for 3 seconds I said YES and showed her an image of my beloved companion cube.

And another conclusion I came to last night while watching Resident Evil Afterlife, is Milla Jovovich is hot, yea, she's waaaaaay to skinny for my taste, but she is still hot specially while sporting weapons. Sorry I like women with meat on their bones lol.

Also happy 10/10/10 or 101010 aka Binary Day, in binary 101010 is 42, and 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything....coincidence? I think not...

Just giving ya a quickie....

uh huh huh uh huh huh.....oh wait I'm not Butthead.

Once again, I won't be here much of today, so for those of you interested another shower recap: Lip of shower is don, bull nose is done. Have some pics.

Bull nose                                                                                Lip

And trying to get both into the frame.

I figured once this bathroom is done, I might be doing the main bathroom, you know the one that people use when they visit. I haven't decided yet, but I more then likely will. I actually think it's looking really good. I need to go to Lowes, and pick up some wood for a small shelving unit that son the left hand side. (yea it's not in the pic) the old stuff just sucks.

But since I'm in a hurry, have another desktop! (Yes I do enjoy my Absinthe! lol)