Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ok, it sort of came to me....

And it wasn't while I slept, because well, 3 hours of sleep doesn't count as sleep in my opinion. In that lack of sleep I did my "rounds" for the morning.

I decided, that I'll post whatever I want lol. Basically I throw in everything I said I would, just no promise on what it will be that day. I think today I may do 2 or 3 posts.....something from each that I mentioned....but for now a little rambling.

I'm kind of pissed off at myself. Thursday was the 13th anniversary of my father dying., and I forgot it. I never forget it. It's not like I was busy or was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Anyways I was almost 19 when he died. It kind of sucks that he wasn't around for my college graduation, and he wasn't around for my 21st birthday for that first legal drink. I can't really blame him though. I miss you dad.

This was his burial flag, along with his Vietnam medals. I'm actually going to be writing to the Navy to get new medals and the rest of him, since I can't find his bronze stars and his medals are pretty much falling apart. The military will however send out replacements to the veterans next of kin, so once I get them I'll also be getting a new shadow box for everything, as you can see the one is pretty beat up.


  1. Looking forward to the new approach for your blog.. hope you get through to the Navy for your Dad!

  2. Do send pictures of the updated medals the Navy sends! My dad served too

  3. Sorry for your loss, even though you must have heard that one a lot, now...

    A blog is supposed to be about whatever you want it to be, so you're going the right way!

  4. hope everything works out with the navy!! The condition of the box doesn't matter imo, It's what it means to you.

  5. sorry for your loss, hope things are better now

  6. @Reviews - From what I've read it isn't that difficult, though it is the US government lol.

    @Velociplum - No worries I will

    @Richie - That's what I figured too.

    @Staytuned - True, but I figured with new medals and updated box would be great.

    @Nostalgia - Yea things are better. Thanks.

  7. it's really cool that you're honoring him with the new medals and everything. i have such respect for those that have served.

    thanks for sharing.

  8. That is very kind of you, Willow.

  9. Thanks for your dad's service, man