Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Horse walks into a bar....

Sits down, orders a drink bartender asks, hey partner, why the long face? *rimshot*

So my buddy Beavis (I've mentioned him) started a blog. You should follow him and he'll do the same for you. His blog is here. http://fishntyme.blogspot.com/    I'm trying to work with him on the teaching of working with a blog and it's...followers and spreading the love....

More work was done on the bathroom, some welding of the new piping, electrical outlet moved, light balast moved, more wall taken apart. Still trashed but getting there. He actually took the week off from work (using vacation days before he loses them so he'll get paid for vacation and for the bathroom) seems like he wants to get this done in a reasonable amount of time. By the looks of it it might get done late this week to early next week. Which would be pretty awesome. I'm not going to post pics till tomorrow morning, since I forgot to take them tonight and there is no good light in there lol.

So Beavis and I were having a drink out in my back yard, and realised as much as we like King of the Hill. Both Hank and Peggy are fracking retards, she thinks she's a genius, he calls propane his mistress. There is just something really wrong with those 2. Hell I think Dale is more sane then they are., and he's the conspiracy theorist.

Also for those of you interested in The Walking Dead (a zombie show) on AMC when it comes out on the 31'st the Pilot is out on the torrents a week early. I downloaded it but haven't watched it yet, when I do watch it however I will let you know what I thought.

Peace out interwebs.


  1. I wouldn't pirate annnything. But i'll look forward to the blasting of zombies.

  2. Yeah, the Hill family is pretty messed up, but what family isn't, amirite?

  3. Good job on having a nearly done bathroom.

    Ohh and I don't know if you read it or not, but I made up a rant a few weeks ago about how much I hate Peggy Hill. Check it out of you want. BTW, I also like the show, but I still want to bitchslap Peggy.

  4. good funny post again. nice :)

  5. I love King of the Hill. The thing about Hank and Peggy is that for all of their faults, in the end they try to be good people.

    I followed your friend :)

  6. why the long face, that joke is always funny :)