Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretty toy.....

Told you I would write today and here I am!

Yesterday as we know was Black Friday here in the States. I don't know how the rest of the world works but with Black Friday comes all the cheap deals, (or sort of cheap deals as the stores would have you believe) I guess you can call it capitalism at it's best and worst, mainly the day where people wake up at 2 am  or don't go to sleep to stand in those lines to save an extra 5 bucks on higher priced items.

I was one of those yesterday. Though I wasn't stupid enough to pick any of the bigger stores (Wal-Mart Best Buy, Toy R Us etc.... I hit one of the smaller stored first, got up at my normal weekday time at 520, got up got dressed threw on my leather trenchcoat and drove 5 minutes up the street to Staples. Now I didn't think there was going to be a line, but ther was, but not as big as all these other stored you see on the news, and I wasn't going for one of those super cheap laptops they had on sale. I don't need one, I have one and I have a desktop that I built myself. I just needed one thing from there, a new monitor like I mentioned in a previous post. So on Thursday I started going through the Ads....and boy are there a ton of them, and decided Staples had a decent 23 inch Acer monitor for 139 bucks. Now, this one is a step down from the 24 inch I had, but I figured I could live with it since my current one is on it's way out. So after waiting in line for a half an hour to get in, and another 15 to get my monitor and leave I decided to head over to Wal-Mart......and boy I'm glad I decided to hit that one next.

Basically I just when there for essentials minus a couple of DvD's, socks a couple pairs of jeans and a couple new t-shirts, and an energy drink lol. I usually don't get much on Black Friday if I decide to go out. Usually I don't have the cash, this time I did, because I saved the 2 checks I got from working the polls this year.

After the shoppign I went home hooked up my new monitor, calibrated it. Bout half an hour later I got a call from the parental unit.....come over and help with her tree and the inside of her house....great, I may like the holiday season but I don't like putting up a tree or decorate the inside of my house why would I want to help with yours? lol. Na, it's a tradition always help her out while listening to the Dr Demento Christmas album..... lol. The one and only tree I put up in my home was one was a small tree with blacklights on it,  adorned with a lightup skull at the top for the 'angel' lol. Next week she wants to go to the cemetery and put a wreath up on my dads grave like every year. Stil can't believe it's been 13 Holiday seasons without him.....I still need to get the new shadow box for his flag and medals....well I still need to write to the Navy to get reproductions of all his medals. Considering some of his originals are missing, and the ones I do have are pretty beat up. Just something I need to do in the new year.....anyone know of an easier way to get them?

Well besides Beavis's kids birthday party tomorrow, my weekend has been pretty uneventful. I honestly think it will be uneventful tomorrow even at the party lol.

I did go through most of my CD's and put them all on my computer instead of picking a few dozen and doing it this time around lol  I found all my Happy2bHardcore I'm not a big Happy Hardcore fan....I prefer Trance and House, but for some reason thee H2bHC albums I always enjoyed. So I'll leave you with this for tonight.....the ENTIRE Chapter 3 of Happy2bHardcore. Listen if you want. I know most of you won't since it's Happy Hardcore lol.


  1. I know, people flip out for the stupidest deals.

    "were coming to get some Christmas socks. They're 99 cents normally but they'll be 88 cents black Friday"

    I'm not even kidding. A woman I work with told me this, with great excitement I might add.

  2. cool post ! i like it, wach my blog to.

  3. Damn didn't any of you people have to work Friday?! At least I got to go home early. Then me and my man just sat around all night watching netflix XD

    Then I went shopping yesterday morning and the stores were nice and peaceful.

    But you reminded me that this is my first Christmas without my either of my grandparents. We used to have my grandma and grandpa come over in the morning to open presents, then we'd go to grandpa's house in the evening. Grandpa died three years ago and my grandma died this October. My parents are in Florida and my sister lives in the city so I'm spending the holiday with my fiance's family even though it's "my" year for Christmas :(

    Feels bad man...

  4. 23 inch ? Wow, Im still happy with my harcore gaming laptop 15 inch :D

  5. 23 inch ? Wow, Im still happy with my harcore gaming laptop 15 inch :D

  6. How do you find the wide-screen format? They always make me stoop a little when I look at them in the store. A 23 wide is probably the same height as my old 19inch "square" so it's just psychological. I wish manufacturers would go taller though. Software always chews up vertical space with menus & toolbars and leaves margins unused.