Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't believe I found a place......

Usually I order my shaving stuff online, razor blades, shaving soap, balm etc.... Not like anyone cares but I use a Double Edge Safety Razor that used to belong to my father. Well after perusing a website that I frequent called Badger and Blade, I decided to do a search for places in Phoenix on the site that sold some of the stuff I was looking for at a reasonable price. I finally found it. They don't have the razors I like Feather Platinum's from Japan, but they have the next best one called Derby. They also have different shaving soaps.

Anyways, I doubt you want to read about my shaving escapades, but I thought I would throw that out just because.

Just got home from Beavis's place, after having a few drinks. Bacardi Rum and Mountain Dew Live Wire mix really well. I think that might be my new favorite mixed drink lol. The taste is just awesome. Well anyways, we started talking about the past, and how he missed doing acid, and how I missed doing Ecstasy, I do I really do, but eh I'm to old for that crap now. Though I'm not sure if I would turn it down if given the opportunity for free pills. We also decided to paint the "contraption" I made for my laptop and the speakers we picked up for anytownin, that I mentioned in a previous post.

I honestly can't believe how old we've gotten since some of the stuff we talk about while drinking seems like it only happened just last week. It seems we have selective memory. Then again I think that's just the human race in general. We remember things that we find enjoyable yet block the rest.

Night people, I have something else I want to write about but I'm to damn tired to worry about it. It deals with giving this time of year, but I'll write about it tomorrow. I'll also check on the people I follow after I watch Stargate Universe :P So for now I'll leave you with this. If you're a Doctor Who fan you'll understand this and the episode it was from One of the best episodes that David Tennant wasn't in (A Doctorless episode.) :)