Monday, December 6, 2010

Ok I decided.....

I'm doing it.......even though I said I would give it till Wednesday, I want to make sure whoever wins it gets it before Xmas!

Willow's Secret Santa......

Here's how to participate/win:

Send me an e-mail at (it's a throw away e-mail for my no longer existing AdSense lol) You can use a throw away e-mail too, I don't care as long as you e-mail me telling me why you should be my giftee and I your gifter! Have fun with it......on Sunday 12/12/10, I will choose a winner from the e-mails I receive. I will then place the winning e-mail on my blog for EVERYONE to see....(Just the text, not your actual e-mail lol)

From there I'll contact you to get your shipping address. (Hopefully you live in the US international shipping can be expensive but I will still do it lol) Once the box is shipped (with tracking#) you'll get another e-mail from me giving you the tracking #, so you know where it is at all times :-P . Please let me know when you get it and have opened it. I want to post the pics of the items I sent you so the other entrants can see what they could have won lol.

Like I said in my previous post, nothing is really expensive, nor do I want anything in return I'm doing this because I like to give to people around the holidays, and knowing I may have made someones holiday more cheerful then what I already hope it is, is good enough for me. I think whoever wins will like at least 1 of the items in the box....if not I'll be a sad panda.....

The only rules:
You must send me an e-mail by 12/12/10 (if you don't you're SOL)

You e-mail me telling me why you should be my giftee and I your gifter! Have fun with it

DO NOT and I can't stress this enough DO NOT! Put your blog or blogger name in the e-mail. I'm trying to make the winner as secret to me as possible. I know it's supposed to work both ways in a Secret Santa, but how can I do this without giving myself away as the gifter? lol (if you want to you can tell me who you are when you've gotten it and opened it)

The e-mail must be more then 25 words! lol (make it as long as you want as long as it passes the 25 word mark, and you are not repeating things like pick me pick me! lol)

I also have the right to publish any and all e-mails for the entertainment value of it to my readers after the contest is over of course. (Thanks Sucio)

Do not tell me in the comments that you sent an e-mail :P

Anyways I think that's it. Good luck to all those who participate! And remember have fun with it!!!!!


  1. You should make a condition of entry that you can publish all posts - not just the winner. You may get some entertaining losers.

  2. That's pretty nice of you to do this!

  3. This is very unique... maybe I'll do it when I have some time.

  4. I guess winning a price really got your contest spirit going there. Good idea must admit that

  5. Sounds fun! Hope whoever wins has a great christmas present on the way! Following.

  6. Awesome, looking forward to the letters. :)

  7. Is it okay if I repost this on my blog with a link back here?

  8. @Rezden - Go ahead! I don't mind. The more people the merrier!

  9. this sounds really nice :D i like this secret santa business you`re doing :)