Thursday, December 9, 2010

I hope.....

That most of you are waiting till the last minute to enter to win this box of goodies from me. I'm starting to get a bit depressed that I only have 1 entry lol. Well, 2 but the second person didn't follow the rules correctly, so I messaged them back about it so they could correct it and be actually entered.

You're making me sad people I mean look at this face :(

Remember to check out this post to see how to enter for my secret santa give away!

Anyways thanks to Yllsa who's contest I won, I got a gift card for 25 dollars (and a 50 dollar donation to the Humane Society). With that I actually finished my Holiday shopping and got my mother her first Blu-Ray (My Sisters Keeper) to go with the player I got her, and some HDMI cables so she isn't hooked up through component. Why is it that when I get a gift card for me, I somehow spend it on others? lol

Also went over to Beavis's last night, for a bit and had a couple of drinks.......let me just say this: Large Cherry Limeades from Sonic and Rum mix really really well together. We mixed in about 3 shots of rum er drink and you still couldn't taste it. It was just all forms of awesome! While we were drinking we decided to listen to some music, and talk about what we would do if we wont the lotto. I think he was a bit surprised when I told him I would set up a fund for his sons college education lol. I dunno, besides some shiny new toys, I would keep this house. I like it to much, though I think i would close the carport to make a man cave lol. Get my 67 Mustang, and more then likely get my Harley too. Then would throw the rest into interest baring accounts and see if I can live off of that. Doubtful but one can dream cant he? lol

What would you do if you won a huge amount from the lottery?

And remember you have until Sunday to enter....don't make me a sad panda!


  1. I like your style; will follow. :)

  2. You seems like an amazing people, glad you made a 50$ donation! If I'd win the lottery money, I'd first finish school than I'd bring my family in Cancun for the holidays then bring my two close friends to an all-around western Europe trip! Next thing? Pay out my school dept, buy an house and keep it calm buying myself some casualties while going to school! Why drop? Money sure will makes me happier but not a lazy bastard!

  3. Interesting idea, also pls dont be a sad panda :(

  4. if i won the lottery, i'd buy a house, make some smart investments, then go to school for something i actually want to do. my current job is slightly unfulfilling

  5. that makes me a very sad panda

  6. If I won the lotto, first thing would be paying off bills(school loans, car loans, credit card and computer). Other than that, really haven't thought about it.

    I always end up doing the same thing with gift cards, lol. :-) Reposting contest rules again.

  7. Yaaay! I love getting mentioned...

    I wasn't going to enter because I want other people to enjoy it but now that I saw you have more entries I think I will!!