Sunday, December 5, 2010

The gates of Hell.....

Is what we've decided to call Beavis's Chiminea, and I'll show you why in a few minutes.

We finally got rid of the crap from the main bathroom remodel out of my backyard.... The bulk trash pick up starts on the 6th, so we got rid of the fiberglass stuff (the bathtub, and walls) along with the counter top, sink and brass fixtures. Needless to say the scavengers were out and about grabbed everything metal, including the fixtures attached to the sink.....including a old computer chair of Beavis's we set out there, and an old vacuum that didn't work. anyway, any wood and cardboard that was back there we just threw over the fence to his backyard, and decided to drink tonight, and start burning it. This is the result.  The first is pic is pretty normal, the second one looks like the gates of hell. Seemed like every time we put a new peice of the cabinet, which is mostly particle board it just lit like mad.

I don't care what anyone says, yes it may get hot in Phoenix, but it does get chilly in the winter, not as cold as most places but you know 48 - 55 degrees is actually chilly lol. We don't see snow much here in Phoenix, if at all. So meh, I actually miss the snow, (I used to live in Connecticut)

I keep forgetting to take pics of the speakers with the little shelves I built, we finally painted it the other night with black spray paint. I keep telling Beavis all we need to do now is ad some stickers to it then it will be done lol. It actually looks good now that its painted too. We keep telling each other this was a good idea.....glad I thought of it. Even if I don't bring over my laptop, we can still use it outside with my iPhone hooking up to someones Wi-Fi, either his, or his neighbor with the router name of time put the WPA2 protection on it moron. If I really wante dto I would start downloading something from the PirateBay I know is being monitored by the MPAA or RIAA.....

How did I NOT know about this board game growing up??!!!!! I want the Legend of Zelda game damnit.... (yes there is a 30 second ad before it)


  1. i love it when people don't encrypt their wifi, i didn't have an internet connection at my old place, i'd just mooch off the neighbor's

  2. I just use WEP since I can't get WPA to work on with all operating systems for some reason. And yeah, I feel you about the snow. It's just awesome to wake in a white world every once in a while.

  3. never had zelda either but a lot of people are saying it's great

  4. That Zelda boardgame looks rad.

  5. the jump from East Coast to Arizona must have taken some time to adapt man. I went to Phoenix for a few days in September and almost died....and I'm from LA!

  6. "linksys" : America's number one WiFi provider.